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not a normal day at the park

It was mine and my friend TK's 2nd time, and two other close freinds of mine Irl and Sly.

It was mine and my friend TK's 2nd time, and two other close freinds of mine Irl and Sly. This was absolutely nothing like my first time, because this time we had no set environment and decided to just walk to the park. About 30 minutes after taking a half eight each, we left to the park. On the way, everything was so bright and the colors of trees and flowers outside the houses were so colorful, it looked realy nice. Then we got to the park, and we were all starting to trip. We walked on a field, with kids all around us playing at the park and the baseball fields, and it was like total chaos. We had to get away, but still wanted to be at the park. We sat on a bench over a huge hill with a busy street at the bottom of the hill, and we all saw the wavy grass, and the visuals of patters on top of buildings, and my friends looked so weird to me, it seemed like there faces shouldnt look like that and there eyes and mouth shouldnt be where they were at. We started walking around a block near the park but we felt like we were trapped on the block and had nowhere to go, and they reminded me of cartoon charecters, I kept looking at TK because he didnt look human to me. We went through so many emotional feelings while walking, with anger, confusion, a little bit of happiness, and we all ended up feeling like we had to go differnt ways. TK got picked up by his GF, he felt like it was where he needed to be. Irl had to leave this block, and while he got picked up, me and Sly ended up in Irl's backyard. I've been there hundreds of times, but actualy couldnt recognize where I was at. I had to go take a piss, but couldn't figure out what to do, it was so weird. I liked the visuals I was seeing, with all the colors and everything looking totally unormal, but the feelings I felt were so extreme. Me and Sly had to go somewhere else, and we got in his car. The car felt like a little toy we were in, and we both were very scared but we had to get to Sly, where noone was home there. I cant even remeber details of the car ride, but I can tell you it wasnt normal, the lanes deffinetly werent striaght and I still cant beleive we got there safely. Upon getting to Sly's, I felt a great rush of joy, and felt like I needed my friend's TK and Irl there more then anything to be along with me and Sly. Me and Sly had a good expieriece of sitting in his living room in the dark just talking, and we were still tripping balls at this time. Irl came, and we saw TK later on, but sitting there on that couch at Slys made me think of how insane the day was, and I felt alot closer towards all of them. I don't think they are going to do it again, but I think I will in months from now.

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