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nobody pick up the phone...

5 of us picked up about 150g of strong thai cubies on friday afternoon.

5 of us picked up about 150g of strong thai cubies on friday afternoon. I put them in the fridge, then on saturday night at 8pm we divided them- giving slightly more to one person (gingision) who wanted to get really fucked this time.

So we are at my house watching old school. We start noticing changes in peoples faces- for example, eyes bigger, mouth growing. At this point I get really paranoid and freak out and go to my room to play guitar. I come back out as the others are running around acting like twats. By this time we're experiencing hallucinations, especially posters on my wall talking and moving- coming to life. despite getting stressed out, im fine now, though feeling really sick. Gingision is in a world of his own whilst we talk about nothing for hours! Everything is in slow motion, geometric patterns surge towards us!
this is soon ruined as the phone rings. we dont answer.

at this point, the trip goes bad. I start seeing witches, monsters and the flashing number 58!
i try to sleep but cant, everything is melting.
I spend the next few hours trying to calm down as the crazy trip ends. we have a long philosophical discussion in the dark. gingision is still tripping and thinks his leg is broken. it isnt.

later, johnny-jon-jon-jon (other guy) pukes loads and jason has a panic attack. we sit in silence for hours, contemplating the fucked up, wierd experience, most of which we couldnt remember.

very wierd.

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