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no smoking

This is a report of my very first shroom experience.

This is a report of my very first shroom experience. Sorry it’s so long but I wanted to be detailed for my own recollection later. It was Monday night of finals week, I had gotten lucky this quarter and finished all my finals at 7pm that evening. I thought about relaxing and celebrating the end of the quarter by smoking a couple bowls with my buds E and A. However, as I thought about it more and more, I realized what a great opportunity it would be to experiment with the mycological project growing in the corner of my room. I went over to E’s house about 9:45, after telling them to have some orange juice and a blender ready when I got there. We divided up the shrooms, each of us taking 6 little beauties, ranging from about 2 to 4 inches in length with 1 to 2 inch caps, fairly evenly distributed. We each made our own batch of the greenish orange slurry, combining 12 ounces of donald duck orange juice with the shrooms and setting it to puree for about 15 seconds. This beverage went down incredibly easy, and I could barely even taste the shrooms at all. There was a slightly mushroomy aftertaste but it wasn’t at all unpleasant. We finished the oj at about 10:05. Then A had to finish a paper that was due at 8 the next morning (we had convinced him he could drink the stuff, drive home and finish the project, and then get back before it hit). Well needless to say that was a stupid idea. At about 10:30 as I was lying on the couch reading a magazine, I started to realize I didn’t feel like reading any more, and couldn’t concentrate anyway. I looked up and stuff was getting a little wavy, similar to a mild “breathing” effect frequently described by trippers. E and I started commenting on how stuff was getting kinda weird. He then came into the room with me and we started to stare at the ceiling. We both noticed how it was starting to move and twist and bend and develop weird colorful patterns. It got increasingly intense and then the phone rang. It was A, and he informed me that his shirts were moving around in his closet by themselves, and that his windows were covered with ants. I assured him that this was not so, but that E’s ceiling and kitchen were moving, and that he needed to get his ass over there asap. He tried to convince me that he had to finish his paper, and I told him to just pull an all nighter and finish it in the morning. We ended up hanging up, and which point me and E discussed the trip further. I noticed many random things happening. One thing I kept thinking is that his door had moved from one end of the apartment to the other, almost as if the room had been mirrored. Also, the place would shrink and grow, one dimension at a time. Ie, the ceiling would raise and lower, then the walls to my right and left would stretch out really far and come back in, and then the walls behind and in back of me would do something similar. I also kept thinking I was in a really large room or house and that there was a bunch of rooms all around me (like around corners that weren’t really there) when in fact I was pretty much surrounded by solid walls. I think it was shortly after 11 at this point. One thing I remember about this general section of the trip is that I was uncontrollably genuinely happy, almost similar to the effect ecstasy has. I was giddy and giggling and smiling and just felt really super positive about everything. A called back, describing more intense stuff, details of which I don’t really remember. As he was talking to E, I remember E’s roommate (who is kind of a square) running in, looking at us, and then just running out. It was really weird because I couldn’t figure out why he would do this. I think he probably thought we were smoking out. Then I just doubled over and fell on the floor, face first, contemplating the roommate’s running in and out, and decided it was nothing significant. I crawled back on the couch with a huge smile on my face and E gave me back the phone. Then when I was talking to A it seemed like he was there, not really on the phone but somehow there with us. I thought maybe I was in a radio studio and he was on the other side of the wall and we were talking over some line that just went through the wall, and I could open the door and see him, but I didn’t try. Then I started to smell smoke and asked E if he was smoking and he said yes. This is when things got bad. I wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be smoking, and I knew I couldn’t just leave it up to him to decide, because he was messed up too. I thought either he would light the place on fire or he would set off the smoke alarm and people would come and find us huddled around a big tub o’ shrooms. I asked A if E should be smoking and he said no I had better stop him. So I stood up and walked over and just calmly grabbed the cigarette from him and stared at it and he told me to give it back and so I did and then I realized that there was nobody sober there to make sure everything was okay. I realized my perception was all screwed up, and I just had no way of telling if things “were the way they were supposed to be”. As I was talking to A, I told him I was kinda worried and I wanted to go, and he tried to tell me not to and that we should keep talking but I got really scared that something bad was going to happen and I went out and sat in the back of my car. I felt really bad hanging up on A but I kinda lost control for a few seconds and paranoia took over. I would lay in the back of my car, watching the ceiling melt and trying to figure out where I was laying my head (my backseat seemed to be changing shape and size all the while). I would look up what I thought to be every 15 minutes or so, but was now I think was about every minute and a half. Also, a few times I remember asking “hello? Anybody there?” really quietly cuz I wasn’t totally sure I was alone. Nobody responded though. Time obviously passed extremely slowly, and I almost forgot what day it was, or what time of year it was at all, and started questioning whether or not I had actually finished finals or not. I was looking up to see if anyone was there, but at the same time I realize that was pointless since I couldn’t tell the difference between my own reflection in the glass and a person standing outside the car anyway. Also, I think I thought the fence posts might be people too, I just couldn’t tell. Then E came out and knocked on the window, and I let him in, and he sat in the drivers seat, and after what was prolly 2 minutes, he said he was going back inside. I think after he left I lied there for another 5 or 10 minutes (seemed like an hour) and then decided I had to get ahold of someone sober to make sure nothing weird was happening that was unsafe or anything. So I went into his apartment, asked if the phone would reach to my car, and as soon as I got outside I called my girlfriend (who I had led to believe I was just going out with them for pizza) and told her exactly what was up. It’s funny, I could easily could have made something up to defer the blame a little and get myself in less trouble, but it just didn’t occur to me to lie at all. I thought the shrooms had a very truth-syrum-like effect on me overall actually. Anyway, I convinced her to come get me cuz I couldn’t handle the thought that E would do something dangerous. She didn’t drive, so she had to call one of our friends to take her here so she could drive us back to her place in my car. When she got there, I remember being in sort of a bad frame of mind and telling her not to ever let me do that again. But, after about 5 minutes, I was back to the intense happiness I had experienced earlier, but I didn’t want her to know that since I had just inconvenienced her so much. I thought about lots of stuff on the way back (which seemed to take a really long time) and she said I was really kissing up to her and telling her how much of a good driver she was (she had recently learned to drive a manual partly in my car) but I remember seriously thinking that at the time. We got back to her place and got in bed, and she tried to ask me exactly what these little brown men were doing to me. She has never done anything even remotely close to shrooms so there wasn’t really any way to relate it to her. I just tried to explain once again that I couldn’t tell if things were the way they were supposed to be. Ie, I couldn’t tell if I was making noise and keeping her up, I couldn’t tell if I should have been taking up less bed space, I couldn’t tell if I should have been explaining myself and apologizing or just shutting up and trying to go to sleep. Anyway, I lay there I think until about 2 before I passed out, still tripping quite heavily. I think I definitely want to do this again sometime, just not around the same people. I wanna find people who are more trip sensitive, and possibly have a sober trip guide there to reassure me that nothing is weird or out of the ordinary. I think one thing that would help would be to be in a nature-type setting, possibly camping or hiking. I think it could be an extremely positive and very interesting experience.

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