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No cats this time.

It came time for my second trip, in November of 2004.

It came time for my second trip, in November of 2004. My first trip was July 2004, and the reason for the huge gap in time is because I had lots of trouble getting more.

Me and my friends Matt and James (Age 18) took the shrooms (1/8 each) with Coca Cola at midnight in my bedroom shortly after my parents went to sleep. We were worried they wouldn't work, because in between this and our first trip, we were ripped off by a former friend of ours.

Matt had just purchased a new copy of Star Ocean 3 for the PS2 and he was playing it in the spare bedroom (My game room). Suddenly the graphics and colors were so vibrant and beautiful he was too distracted to play any longer. He kept wandering around the same few rooms, as if he were lost. My younger brother was watching and he must've thought we were both dumbasses, because we had no idea what to do next in the game. So we shut it off.

I ordered my brother to go to bed and to no avail. I didn't want him there, because he would tell my parents get me in deep shit. So we negotiated his departure by playing a round of Goldeneye 007 with him. I had no idea what I was doing, and it seemed like in every room or hallway on the screen was a red mist or fog that prevented me from seeing and playing properly. Needless to say, my brother owned us all. Then he left.

We closed the door, and with the sound of it shutting, we all snapped into a pretty heavy, euphoric trip. The floor became the ocean regardless of the fact that James was sitting on it. The walls kept changing colors from hues of orange to white to blue. James was sitting on the floor drawing pictures. The lines literally came off the page and onto the floor. Matt and I were too overcome by the experience to do a damn thing. We kept telling ourselves we should put in Princess Mononoke and watch the part with the tree spirits but none of us did it.

I kept picking things up, forgetting why I had done so, and during my thinking this I would drop the object. There was a Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker poster on the wall and we focused on that for a bit. Link was laughing at us and we thought it was funny.

We felt like we wanted to go and venture outside of the game room, but there was some feeling of anxiety that felt like it would attack us if we left. So we stayed there out of fear and comfort.

I made a trip to the bathroom eventually and there in the mirror stood the epitome of stoner. I felt like I was a worthless druggie, there with a bushy curly hair and glasses, and Radiohead t-shirt. But I shook off this mindset and then we went into my bedroom for a change of scene.

By 3 AM we were coming down, but we were still seeing lots of movement in the posters all over my room. Then we decided to sleep, and since Matt and James couldn't they just went home.

These shrooms werent as good as the first time we did them. The trip on my first time lasted from 10/1030PM until 4AM. And the residual effect lasted until 8AM. But this time is was tripping from 12AM-3AM and residual effects only a few hours afterwards.

Now I plan on getting shrooms this weekend in May 2005 while my parents are out of town. I will report it if everything goes to plan.

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