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best day ever

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before this day i had only eaten mushies about 2 or 3 times. it had also been about 7 months since the last time i did it. i really missed it and i was gonna see string cheese incident later that night. so i called up my friend who was going to the show with me and asked if he could get us some magic mushrooms. he said that he was way ahead of me and all ready had them. so i went to his house at like 9:30 in the morning. he had 2 eights or something like that. i ate 3 and he ate 5 and we packed 2 bowls. we decided to go surf. when we got there it started to hit me. my friend was already laughing histerically and that sort of triggered me. we sat in the car for a while and just laughed, listed to music and talk about life. We were listening to the dead ofcourse and crazy fingers came on. thats when we decided to eat a few more. so we each ate 2 more and then we took some bong hits. we walked down the trail and i started seeing different shades of color. the ocean was fading from blueish green to lite purples and pinks. my trip had really began. my friend is pretty experienced in the world of shrooms so he can really hang. we got down to our changing spot and i couldnt even get on my wetsuit. a voice was just telling me not to. my firend went out first and the surf was pretty good. he is an amatrue professional or something like that. he rips. so i was watching him and every move he did looked like it was in slow motion. i decided to go out but didnt wear a wetsuit. the water was suposidly cold as fuk but it felt sooooo warm. i felt so perfect and in touch with nature. we got out and went home and just chilled for a while. we left for the show at about 4 and it didnt start until 7:30, but knowing string cheese they wouldnt start until about 8. so we had a long time before the show. we sat in my friends van and ate about 4 more and had ourselves some brews. next thing i know my friend is gone. so i smoked a joint and ate a stem. i sat there and listend to some steve kimock band. i started to trip agian. the numbers on my watch started to melt away from my watch. the curtains on the windows seemed to drape all the way to floor, and were swaying event though there was no breeze, but in reality they were only like 2 feet long. my friend came back and said he was out selling stickers and a couple of old dead shirts. he said he managed to trade some for some mushrooms and got some cash ofcourse. so we finished the eights and killed our beers. we headed into the show. they opended with ''the road home'' then ''lost'' then ''sweet melinda.'' i was feeling soooooo good. i packed a bowl with a hippie sitting next to me. we enjoyed the rest of the show and then headed to the car. there was a small party going on in the parking lot and there wasnt a cop in sight so we cracked open a couple of breskies and partied for about in our. then we went home. it was about 2 am when we got there. my girl friends friend's parents were out of town so we went over there. my girl friend had never eaten before but she wanted to try it. we all had some we all started to trip. we went outside and my friend put on the funniest show for us. all his hand motions were going either super fast or super slow. my girl friend and i started to talk about our trips and mine got really intense. the stars and the moon and myself and my girl friend all felt like one thing to me. then this hallucinagetic squirl crawled up my body and wispered in my ear,''the best part is yet to come.'' the next thing i knew i was having the best sex of my life with my girl friend. i was on top and the bed patterns kept changing colors. they went from blues to greens to blues and purples. so did her hair. we went for about 2 ours. then i went to sleep. that was the best damb say of my life.

- brian

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