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Nightmare on elm st.

It all started when I sat down with my girlfriend to watch the newly released X-files movie.

It all started when I sat down with my girlfriend to watch the newly released X-files movie. We watched half and things were kinda slow, so i reached into my bag of tricks and we started chewin 'shrooms. I'm not sure of the type cause they're grown outa province......but i ended up having just over 2 grams.

Anyways the movie ended and the 'shrooms were kick'n in for her but not me. I had a bit more and we went for a walk. Still feeling un-shroomy I pulled out my pipe and packed a bowl of bud. 5 minutes later i was feelin cooked but still no shrooms. Finaly.....BAM.....they kicked in with avengence!!!

Man i felt like i had been walking for 4 hours . To me it appeared as though the road was getting longer (same as the horror movie tricks). I was seeing remarkable colors and definate hallucinations. Everytime i looked at my girlfriend her hair turned into hands and reached for me. It was so trippy. She was trying to keep me grounded as we hadn't reached our destination yet where i could trip at will. We finaly got there.......no help from the bats and birds i was envisioning trying to attack us on our way. I could no longer determine reality from my trip (this was a first for me). I just layed there and tripped to places in my mind never explored. I was inside pictures on the walls, looking out at my friends. I was mountain climbing on stuffed animals. I was flying high above the pyramids of Egypt........then everything turned bad, I was told that the house we were in was on ELM STREET. It actually was, but i couldn't stop thinking about it no matter how hard i tried. Every thing i dreamt in my trip was interupted by FREDDY CROUGAR! No shit I speant hours tripping horrified by this thought, he was chasing me, attacking me and my friends......Man, NO FUN!

After i came down, I'd have to say cool trip cause it was so life like. But I'm still confused as to how I got so wrecked. Maybe it was the shroom powder I put in the bowl with the bud cause till then i had never smoked shrooms.

Hopefully next time i'll be reporting from Scotland!


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