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Night that i thought everything would end.

this report is definatly messed up.

this report is definatly messed up. ok. i had tripped before and was expecting the same experience because i was having the same amount. but what happend that night was not what i had planned. about half an hour after eating them straight. i had pretty good visuals and alot of laughs.. about an hour and a half i started to feel drunk. everything was tracing and the walls were breathing and i was seeing odd things everywhere! i went into the bathroom and discovered that i had no eye left. it was just a huge pupil.things started to go all wrong when i felt my heart beat. my hard was seriously beatin out of my body. it was beating so fast and so hard. it even freaked my friends out.,i stated to have a bad trip after that. i was worried about my health. so i got a drive home andwhen i got home i tried to sleep but my heart was beating so much i couldnt. its two days after now and my heart is still beating odd. i dont know what to do. overall the trip was pretty fun. but i seem to have paid the price.,

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