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Night of Havoc and self exploration...**WARNING**

This is a trip me and my friends had last week, on a thursday to be exact.

This is a trip me and my friends had last week, on a thursday to be exact...
We had been getting some of what i believed to be gold tops or subs as the americans call them. My gf had a $100 voucher for a homeware store so she was kind enough to spend some on getting me a parsley grinder.
At around 8PM me and some friends of mine that live on residency at university ground up around 30 mushrooms in the parsley grinder so it made a kind of chopped shroom mix, we put that with some boiling water/honey and a dash of milk (to cool dwn the liquid and soo you can see it turn BLUE!!) we all drank it down pretty quickly while me and my house mate ate a couple out of the bag straight.
I went into my bed room for a little bit and jumped on the net, i could feel the effects come on strong and hard, immidiately everything turned green in different shades, i knew i was gonna get DEEP into the rabbit hole and i had exams the next week. So i called up my GF straight away and organised to stay at her house the night so she could trip sit me. She loves mushrooms aswel so i knew she would be interested in how a STRONG trip would be.
My other housemates (straight people) came into my bed room to watch a vid clip on the net with me, and after that i had a quick shower and said goodbye to everyone for the night. This is were me and my friend who had taken the same amount parted ways.
He is pretty unstable and prone to psycosis (he's not that intelligent) and psy drugs prob aint for him, but anyways.
I got into bed with my GF and i noticed that i was quite responsive to smells. everything smelt stronger to me, closed eyes i could see STRONG callideskope views in my eyes, with my eyes open all i could see in the dark was the green light of the smoke alarm.
i love to probe into peoples minds, so me and her just lay there and i talked, asked her questions and gathered information, I made her describe the darkest parts of her life and what she felt about them, how she fit into high school, how she felt about her parents, and many other things. Occationally i would raise my hands in the air to re-attach myself to my body, i remember opening my hand and with the other hand "pushing" air into it, i would then move my hand across my face and open it on the opposite side of my head. She asked me what i was doing, and to that i replied "im gathering up pieces of my mind and moving them, then releasing them in another part"
I was getting quite deep into it. I then had a thought for my less controlled house mate, so i sent him a text msg on the phone, this was at 2 am.
I can describe it like an elevator, if you take enough shrooms you can go to the top level, some people can open the elevator, walk aroun for a while and have a play then get straight back in and come down, Others get pushed out of the elevator and get stuck there untill the effects die.
I described how my day would be if i was an eagle, what i would do, eat, think.
I talked about my best friends, and remenised for hours.

I walked home in the morning about 9am, i walked past the house of one of my mates who had tried some, and he just gave me a small dispondant wave and sat on the couch with an unhappy look on his face. From the top of the hill i could see my housemates back bedroom door open, i thought, hmm he must be up allready. Then i noticed that the caretakers utility (truck, whatever) was parked alongside our house, i thought, thats strange, and at that moment my next door neighbours walked past and they said "do you know what sam did last night (my friend/housemate) and im like "no". they just said i should go inside..........................

Approaching his back doorstep i could see blood on it, as i walked into his bedroom i was met by three things, The stench of blood, vomit, and the caretaker in a face mask and rubber gloves. It turns out that sam was throwing up all night and passed out on his bed naked. He woke up to the text msg at 2 am, and proceeded to kick his foot through the glass window next to his bed. He got glass stuck inbetween the two bones in his leg, and lost over a litre of blood.. There was blood on the matress, walls, all his clothes. Apparently he was tripping hard and when our next door neighbours went outside to see what had happened he was saying stuff like "yea its cool, just sit in my room and watch a video" when security arrived they called an ambulance, and he was getting agresive by that stage.
Last i saw of him he had to have an opperation to remove the glass from his bone, and he was under general, i left him my mp3 player, and my good TDK headphones, with an infected mushroom mix on it.

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