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Night of Dread

It was October 31st, Holloween.

It was October 31st, Holloween. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a bouncer, offered to put me on the list for a club up in L.A. He had mentioned to me that Hollywood Blvd would be blocked off and that the streets would be swarmed with people and that i had to go!

My plans previous to this suggestion was to stay within the boundaries of peacful Orange County, take an eighth of shrooms that i had been saving up, and relax with some well known friends, but the thought of being on shrooms in L.A., on Holloween, umong so many fellow phreaks was too intriguing for me. I abbandoned my initial plans and decided to head to L.A.

I had decided to wait until arriving at the location of the club instead of taking the shrooms on the way there due to the fact that i get lost easily in L.A., even when i'm sober, and getting lost in a shity area, or trying to get dirrections from an immigrant at a gas station that doesn't even know how he got in this country,on an eighth of shrooms,would suck.

When i arrived in the general area of the club, most, or i should say all of the streets surrounding Hollywood Blvd, within a 1 block radius was blocked off, or atleast the streets i came accross. I finally found a street that wasn't completely blocked off, got as close as i could to my destination, and parked, it was now time for fiendish consumption. I had made myself a little bag meal prior to leaving my house to take with me so i had somthing to drown the taste of the shrooms. Also, i had not eaten for 2 days prior to that night on purpose to increase the intesity of the trip. Immeadiately i dumped an eighth of shrooms in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, munched down the whole mess and washed it down with a couple of fruit juices. I was set for the night and i was in high spirits!

It was 11:00pm, I locked up my car and started heading towards the club. I arrived at 11:15 and I immeadiately recognized my friend at the door, I was let inside to a very cowded and confusing club. There were three rooms, the 1st one was playing techno, the 2nd was disco, and the third was 80ties. 11:25 hit and i was beggining to feel the innitial take off, and to me it always feels just like taking off in an airplane, my stumoch began to drop and then came the queasy, sick, feeling. It was time for me to find a mellow place to sit down and ride out the innitial phaze, otherwise i'd be doomed. I went to the bar, bought a 2 dollar container of avian water and headed towards an area of the club that had several couches and tables. Luckily there were several secluded places to sit. I sat down on a couch, not occupied by anyone else and it was perfect! It was now 11:45 and i was doing great, I had not moved from my location, i didn't have to. The lights were dimmed to perfection, i had a perfect view of the second dance area and everyone seemed to be flowing, leaving behind them traces of light. I was very entertained just watching people walking around and dancing. Also watching all the multi colored lights was great! Everyone was wearing a costume which added more to the entertainment factor.

I had not moved from my spot for what seemed to be a lifetime. The quesy feeling was wearing off and i was beggining to grow curious and wanting to explore the club and maybe mingle? It was 12:15 and i decided that at exactly 12:30, i would get up, and walk around,..and then they approached.

It was a couple, dressed up as a butler and a french maid. The butler asked if they could sit next to me, my mind screamed out NOOOOO!!!!! but my damn mouth said "Sure". I began to tense up, paranoia began crawling up my spine, who where these people? i thought..What are their intentions? Of all the places they could sit, why here??! They were disrupting my pefectly constructed world!! I checked my watch, Ah-ha! it was 12:29, time to get up and walk! All my movements were premeditated, my objective was not to seem or look to much like an uncoordinated phreak of nature. And this is where the hell began.

I walked into the crowded dance area and thats when i reallized how much the shrooms had consumed me. There was hundreds of poeple dressed up in costumes and i felt like i was the center of attention, (in a bad way). I felt like every eye was upon me, judging my every movement. I continued to walk around in confusion, instead of voices being drowned out by other voices, i could distinguish every single voice, every single conversation, completely maddening! And i thought to myself, they all must be talking about me because i can hear my name!! I had to get out, get to a neutral place where i can relax again and break through this bad trip. I headed towards the patio (smoking area).

It was completely packed! but i was trapped, so i found a somewhat less crowded area on the patio, leaned back against the wall, and began smoking away. My hands were shaking and everyone seemed to be played in fast forward, movements were irratic and everyones voice was blended into one, but atleast i had my cigerette i thought.. I was approached by A large-chubby man, I dont think he was in costume, i don't think he needed one. I thought to myself, Please just ask me for a light or an extra cigerette, something simple..He said "Can i have your miles?" Miles?!!? i thought..what in the hell is this guy talking about?! He pointed to my cigerette box and finaly I made the connection, but then i thought, why would anyone go up to a complete stranger and asked them for their "miles" of all things!?! I told him i wasn't in the mood to peel off the miles of the damn cigerette box but he insisted and offered to do it himself, so i let him, just so he would leave. At the same time a girl dressed in latex approached me and asked me for a lighter. I needed peace damnit! After everyone got what they wanted from me, i crouched down and continued to smoke my cigerette, and trying to ignore everyones eyes. I started staring at everyone's shoes, the shiney sparkly ones offered some comfort, but to no avail. I finished my cigerette, got up, and jumped back into the madness of the club.

Again, it was completely overwhelming!! I began to feel sick and i knew that the PB&J sandwich i had earlier was coming up to take a peek of all the excitement.
I made a mad dash to the rest room and into an unoccupied stall, thank god it was, otherwise i would have had to puke on the floor or in one of the stand-up stalls next to some guy taking a piss, not good. I looked down at the most disgusting, unkept toilet i've ever seen, inside was a mound of toilet paper along with a pair of sunglasses someone had lost previously, probably puking their brains out.
I puked like no man has puked before. While i was doing my business i could hear people waiting outside the stall making comments like "How long has he been in there?" "Is he ok?".. Realizing that i had a pretty good audiance building up outside the stall, i pulled myself together and stumbled out towards the sinks to wash my face. I didn't bother flushing the toilet which by now looked like some failed science experiment gone all wrong.

I needed sanctuary, I needed peace, i could leave i thought, hop in my car and go home, but what if i get lost looking for my car? what if i'm attacked? No, the best thing for me was to wait until my bouncer friend was done bouncing, and then he could take care of me. I decided to go back to the place i started out when i first arrived at the club, the couch area..The couch area is where i found peace again, I was instantly snapped out of my bad trip and everything was mellow again, I was in control again, on a soft velvet couch, in a darkened corner, away from all the madness.

The club closed at 2:30, At this point i was sick of L.A. and everything within it! (No offense to anyone). I started heading back to my car. I had a little trouble finding it but activating the car alarm helped me pin-point it's location. Soon enough i was in my wonderful car, and on the 101 south.. I felt free and liberated, as if i were fleeing hell itself. I was in complete bliss driving home..

I have schroomed many, many, times in many differant situations, this experience was the first negative one i've had so far. I completely blame the enviorment which is a key factor for a successful trip. If you can, avoid large groups of unfamiliar people while on shrooms, especially if they're dressed up as demons.

In my oppinion, shrooms are by far the best! It is my #1 choice of drug and is the only drug i will currently take.

The Highlight of that night was a guy dressed up as Hunter Thomas (Duke Raul). He looked exactly like him!!

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