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Night Of A Thousand Letters!

So me and my mate (Oli) start off getting Chinese Odyssey 2002 from Blockbuster, always a hilarious film, and head back to my place to munch those shrooms.

So me and my mate (Oli) start off getting Chinese Odyssey 2002 from Blockbuster, always a hilarious film, and head back to my place to munch those shrooms.

When we get back to mine, we sit and chat with Peter (housemate) about drugs , and he puts us on a real downer about cocaine and my girlfriend's mate Katie. So I'm bugging out about having a bad trip, Oli saves the day with a typically weird joke, and we head off upstairs.

So before we eat, I roll 3 jays , and decide to make 2 reasonably strong, and 1 strong. Just for a change. So I happily roll away while Oli wonders what were gonna do all evening .

We decide on a trip-a-soup Minestrone (mmmm) best way to take those ugly bastards (they look like something brought back from Mars! ) so go and get the stuff from Sainsburys. After eating we stick on the film and chill for a bit.

We laugh hysterically at all the shitty Kung Foo especially when King Bully meets Phoenix and the "Matchless Thousand Hands" shows up . The film lasts forever! and I mean forever even though it's only 80 mins long, it seems like 4 or 5 hours. So by now I know I'm gonna start tripping pretty bad!

After the film we sit and chat for a while, I get quite talkative when I'm high on anything, so Oli sits and listens to me gibber on for a while, both grinning happily away like goons. I start seeing translucent databases floating above our heads which show all the information we know. (You know like the ones in MS Access). I decide that Oli's life is seen through films, and mine through all the random bollocks in my head about lizards and music and shit. Which still kinda makes sense now.

It's about now we have a slight paranoia, though I can't remember what about, I think John (another housemate) woke up, he works nights, and we were tripping out so thought he was gonna find out about it some how. But this passes quickly when I realise its just the shrooms and we get right back on track.

I have a cool statue of Buddha in my room, and earlier on we'd surrounded it with candles, it's at the highest point in my room so we both think that Buddha is looking after us, and is sitting happily on high in his corner (where all my books and shit are) so Buddha becomes our all knowing best buddy for the evening (like the Buddy Jesus in Dogma). Which was pretty cool. Around now I see those tables again behind my eyes and suddenly realise how much information we all carry round without knowing it. The nature of intelligence seems to be something about being able to search through these tables quickly and being able to look through a lot of them at once. Hard to explain but made perfect sense at the time, and still does now.

So I decide I'm gonna be a computer programmer (been having a bit of existential angst lately ) and sit happily staring at my wardrobe for a while. Oli hardly moves at all and I get freaked out that I don't know what's going on with him (he's never been very verbal) so I spend ALL night from then on asking him. He says he feels that me talking is filling him with knowledge and that his head is growing huge!! Which sounds cool enough.

So I move and sit next to him (to get a better view of Buddha) it's about 10pm now and we're pretty high, but decide to take some more shrooms. I get the board and knife and cut up a fair few (7 or 8) and we spoon them down our throats with the aid of some water. Not the tastiest thing ever but really made the evening. Pretty soon I'm closing my eyes and seeing whirling Japanese mega-drive characters (From Bishi-Bashi) spinning around connected by their heads , and weird Jimmy Neutron graphical people next to words like "Extremely Easy Going" which is all very CGI and quite cool. Oli doesn't see anything though, which, being the point, is a bit annoying.

Anyway we decide to smoke one of those joints , and I get the 3 and give Oli the choice "Regular or Super-size?" made me laugh, he just chose a "Regular" and we toked away for a bit. Oli couldn't handle it right then, 1 toke and he was "No More Of That For Me!", fine by me, I sat and toked on it for a while staring at the TV lost in introspection.

I START SEEING CRAZY STUFF! letters everywhere, (saw them earlier but just like K's and things) the word "HOOOOP" falls down the side of Oli's face like some crazy stop frame animation, from now on in, I see words everywhere! It's great! But Oli see nothing.

I lose track of time, and we smoke another joint , or rather I do. Oli's still not happy with it. After this words appear all over everywhere, on the walls, and on a plane level with the bottom of my light shade. At one point I get sucked into a warp of letters. It feels like they bore a hole into the wall and pull me in with them. I see some other trippy characters behind my eyes, in complete 3D CGI style! So I'm grinning like a motherfucker and happy as Larry at this point. Oli still looks bummed though , and I don't know why (he won't tell me either). But I'm happy on my own trip, feels very much like being in a car as I sit next to Oli staring at a blank TV screen.

Another joint later (Super-size this time) and the letters make sense, they tell me what everything is doing and whether it's OK. I see "Extremely Easy Going" everywhere and all is fine . I get up to change the music (YES-35th Anniversary been on for a while) and choose Yes-Drama, maybe not the best choice but it's still pretty trippy. So we chill for a while listening to the tunes fill the room and flow around me. Again grinning inanely .

I decide I wanna listen to the Bloodhound Gang , but can't find the CD anywhere, I (stupidly) use a candle near the floor and cover EVERYWHERE in hot wax, including me. For the rest of the night I feel like my whole body is covered in hot wax. Not good!

So the letters say something BAD about the corner of hot wax all evening, but I'm still happy. We stick on Simon and Garfunkel - Feeling Groovy and we sure do!! Later Punky's Dilemma creeps in, and that makes us both bounce around madly and sing a bit.

After this we decide to set up my GameCube (a mammoth task!) and play Super Monkeyball 2! So everything's plugged in, and we start that baby up. We pick "Monkeyrace 2" and the crazy game voice tells us everything we choose, which was funny. So we start the game, and race off as our monkeys in balls (funny enough to look at normally) and I'm so high I can't play I keep crashing into shit and stuff. But I don't care cos I'm having the time of my life, I almost get sucked into the game and feel one with my monkey MeeMee. It's just sooooo much fun, everyone should have a GameCude and MonkeyBall 2! So we have a couple of races, and as usual Oli kicks my ass , after this we play Monkey Target. Crazy mini-game piloting monkeys with hemispherical wings to land on big colourful targets, getting items on the way like banana bunches, magnets, and stars . So you can imagine how this all looks to me while I'm living half inside the game!! Anyway for a turn of events I cream Oli this time by like 900 points. Which doesn't seem like much but he's always 10000 ahead of everyone normally. So it's a major victory for me!!

After that we're pretty much back down and decide to sleep. So the trip ends pretty suddenly, but still a great night .

Made me realise a lot about myself, not least that I always think I know what other people want, (Gotta stop doing that now I know!)

Also realised that Shrooms don't tap into another dimension, or let you use previously unknown parts of the brain. They just tap you into the whole of your brains normal workings. So you can really feel your breathing, heart, etc. Thoughts are great as the zip and ping around the inside of my head and I feel them flowing between my neurons.

So this is it! Give me feedback on my thoughts, and your thoughts about my random cool trip.

Thanks for reading!

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