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Night NeoSpectrum

After my first flush of mushrooms (p.

After my first flush of mushrooms (p.cubensis) i had ever cultivated had finished and dried, me and two of my friends wanted to take them for a test trip to experiance first hand the power of home grown fungus.

Between the three of us we ate exactly one ounce of shrooms. We sat in my friends basement while we waited to come up.

We had four black lights running and electronic music in the stereo, and after about a half an hour we all started to feel the gradual euphoric heavenlyness that only shrooms can make you feel. i started seeing slight open eye visuals, paterns on my friend's wall, blurred vision as we sat and tried to watch willy wonka and the choclate factory, those oompalooompas were really trippin me out. so i went out side to walk through my friends forest/path/ravine.

I figures out before i went that the closed eye visuals had become very intense, and so i proceeded to go out side. As soon as i got outside and started to head away from the lighted house, the visuals i was getting were very similar to the closed eye visuals. i did not think the visuals would become heavier if i were in the dark, but then again there is a complete absence of light when you experiance the more stronger closed eye visuals.

after i came back i explained this to my friends and they tried it that same night, ever since that night we have been taking what we call " Night NeoSpectrum Journey's" and they have never let us down when it comes to OEV'S.

Keep on exploring your minds fellow shroomers, the truth is not out there, but in your heads.


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