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New Years Eve Trip

Well I have dont shrooms I'd say 15 or so times, and I just tried acid for my first time.

Well I have dont shrooms I'd say 15 or so times, and I just tried acid for my first time. My neighbor is 60 and he makes his own acid (and grows his own weed shrooms, salvia, all sorts of shit) and he invited a whole bunch of people in thier mid twenties (i myself am 15) from Baltimore. Well some of us took acid and 1 dude took ecstasy.
Anywayz, we started off by watching the fireworks on the East Coast which was around 9:00 PM here (Cali). We all went out to the other room and hit the bong.... shit I must have hit like 5 or six bowls just myself... this dude had like 2 ounces just lying around.... after hitting the bowls I began to feel the acid... I felt warm and incredibly comfortable, but at the same time I felt somewhat cold and very jittery (i was fuckin spasaming the whole night).
We put on this fat drum and bass alien sounding record from the East coast and we all started dancing to that shit. I was getting pretty fucked up.
I sat down with the 60 year old dude and he told me a lot about psycadellics and the expierences that we all have on them.
New years came and went (I missed it cause i was outside puffin on a cancer stick), and I was out of energy. I came inside and lay down, took a few hits off a fat J goin around, and watched al the patterns move across the celing. It was very enjoyable. Blue Peace signes floated above me, and I was filled with awe and wonder.

Oh yeah I would have to say that the most memorable and beautiful part of the night was when we were all sitting at the top of the hill and this huge ass shooting star shoots across the sky... We all saw it. It was a sign from above, whatever that may be.


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