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New Years Eve Chaos

This trip took place on New Years Eve 1998.

This trip took place on New Years Eve 1998. My friends and I went over to this guy's apartment for a shrooming party. We had nearly an ounce of shrooms. Me and my 3 friends took an eighth each. While the guy that owns the apartment took a half an eighth along with his girlfriend.

There were 3 other people there all of which, who were drinking. We took our shrooms at about 9:45 that night. We felt the effects almost immediatly. After about 15 min.
we were all tripping.

The trip came on real fast. We all started laughing, and looking around at stuff. This guy has alot of cool oriental
rugs and stuff that fucks with your mind. Colors became really bright and all the brick walls were breathing heavily.

Soon, we all went into the living room to turn on some music. We put on Todd Rundgren's "A Wizard a True Star".
(if you haven't heard this cd, i think it's about time) This cd just gives life to your trip. It's almost like Todd is there tripping with you.

Anyway, soon our drunk friends were trying to talk to us, and we immediatly told them to shut up. Anytime my one drunk friend tried to talk to me, it gave me strange intense vibrations. It was almost like my mind was melded with the confusion of his drunken state.

After the Todd Rundgren cd was over I decided to go exploring around the guy's apartment. I an incredible feeling of energy and yet peace. Every room I went into had a different feel to it. I went into the one room where there was a dart board. The dart board was flowing towards the center where it stuck out. I walked up to it and tried to figure out why I couldn't feel where it was sticking out.

It, also was crawling with what looked like little bugs. I went into the next room and found my one friend sitting on a chair totally tripped out. I talked to him and it took about 10 seconds before he could respond. I then found a poster of the cover of Phish's album the story of the ghost.
It is a drawing of this white creature with what appers to be two heads one on top of the other. It looked like the heads were exploding upward. There are also drawings of candles that appeared to be burning. The whole picture was alive.

I showed it to my friends and they were amazed. By this time it was probably about 11 o'clock. all my drunk friends were passed out(thank god). we put on some floyd and just chilled in the living room for a while. I got totally tripped out and lost track of the time. When I looked at the clock it was 12:05. Immediatly I jumped up and screamed "happy New Year". I then got bundled up and went outside.

I wanted to get the feel of Downtown Lancaster, Pa at 12:00 New Years. It was pure Chaos. There were fireworks going off and what sounded like gunshots also. suddenly a bunch of cars started driving by. I then looked at the moon and the clouds passing by it. My mind started to race and think about the upcoming year. I got strange feelings like something bad was going to happen to me in the next year.(Three months later I got arrested for D.U.I.) I then put these thoughts out of my head and headed inside.

As I was about inside there was a big bang and it sounded like it came directly over my head. It scared me but at the same time gave me a rush. I went inside and wished everyone a happy new year. soon after this my one drunk friend and his drunk girlfriend had been fighting, and i saw his girlfriend crying. I became overwhelmed with sadness. It was like I could feel what she felt. I just looked at her and appoligized because I didn't know what to say.

It wasn't too long and the drunk people were passed out and my friends that were tripping all fell asleep. All but me and my one friend. We then made it our mission to get really fucked up again. We then smoked 4 bowls out of the bong and drank some beers. It was great.

That new years eve was the best one ever. But please don't trip with people who are drunk.

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