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New Years Eve

I will try to explain my first trip to you as best as can.

I will try to explain my first trip to you as best as can. I can't tell everything that happened, too much happened. It was New Years Eve (Thursday) and my friend and I had just gotten 1/2oz of shrooms (B+) and planned to trip along with 2 other friends outside by a pond. Seemed like a great setting. We started out the evening smoking a couple joints and then 2 of my friends (Ben C. and Aaron) ingested at exactly 8:50, me and my other friend Ben S. wanted to observe my other friends, see how they where. BTW... everyones dose weighed around 2g. We waited around and watched a movie, then, when my friends started telling me about his legs and how cool they felt I just decided to do it. It was 9:50 when I ingested. Me and my friend munched on the dry, grimy shrooms, and waited for the effects. At 10:15 I just started laughing a little bit, then more, then me and Ben S. where laughing our asses off for the longest time. Ben C. and Aaron started yelling at us to shut the fuck up, but we didn't for awhile. I think that really started the trip. Everything after that was crazy, but fun. We went outside on the pond and laughed so hard. I was crying I was laughing so hard. When I talk, it felt like I was outside my body talking, and everything was moving, very jagged. It was sorta like we where inside a movie or cartoon. My friend sprayed some air freshener and the beads of liquid where crazy, they where floating all over. We all lit cigarettes and the red cherry were amazing, it shot across the air when we moved the cigaretes. I could see shapes and neat colors all around, especially when i closed my eyes. Then my mom called cause she didn't know where I was, I got fucking yelled at. I went into my room and couldn't sleep until 5am, but was ammused under my covers, where it seemed like a completely different world. I thought the trip was pretty good, very strong, be carefull.

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