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new realities

i've taken magic mushrooms about 5 or 6 times, every one being very unique.

i've taken magic mushrooms about 5 or 6 times, every one being very unique. My most pleasent and recent trip was 3-4 weeks ago. I bought 2 grams of them from my friend for $10 and was told to expect some mild visuals, but not a really intense trip. Since my previous shroom trip had been incredibly intense and scary, it sounded just about right. My friend and I took them on a Friday during Lunch. We each ate a little less than a gram and drank 2 glasses of Orange juice (vitamin c supposidly intensifies your trip). About 30 minutes later we were sitting in math class and i started to feel them kicking in. At first i could feel the inside of my body warming up and getting kindof fuzzy, and then my heart started racing. The feeling started fading in and out, and i went to get some water. After about another 20 minutes my eyes started drifting out of focus and things were starting to breathe and create patterns. My friend still wasnt feeling anything, which didnt make me feel to good. I was pretty content, but a little nervous. Halfway through class i was really seeing some cool hallucinations, especially when i closed my eyes. I was seeing rainbows with falling stardust, and the entire ceiling and floor started swirling into patterns (like when you swirl together chocolate and vanilla ice cream). It was pretty wet and cold out, and was raining off an on. I couldn't wait till class was over, but was afraid to look at the clock. time already seemed like it was slowing down, but i really lost it when my friend started saying "when seconds turn to minutes...and minutes turned to hours..." when i did look at the clock, the hand was moving unbelievably slow. i felt like everyone was looking at me, and kept getting extemely confused. finally my friend started feeling the shroomies and things were intensifying by the second. all the kids in my class were chatting, and their voices were blending together at a really high pitch and forming patterns. school finally ended and me and my friend were on our way back to my house. I could feel very intense energies and vibes from everything around me. differnt colors had different energies and emotions. for example, purple brought fantasy and mystery, green brought envy, red brought warmth and tenderness, pale lavender was unbelievably soorhing and comforting. everything was alive and breathed, especially trees and nature. Nature was scarcely powerful and had so much wisdom. i felt as if mother nature had total power over me, it was very intense. my closed eye visuals were amazing! i was laying on my bad with my eyes closed, and an octopus-like creature made of purple lotus flowers lay breathing in the corner of my head. even though i could physically see it in front of me, i could feel the creature in my blood and body, as if i were it. i constantly drank tons of water, and kept close to it...for some reason it seemed like my only clutch on reality. i felt like if i kept drinking the water i would be okay. as soon as i thought the trip's intensity was at its peek, it would get even crazier and intencer. reality and my trip kept intertwining, and every feeling, emotion, sound, physical object, smell, and taste would all twist up into patterns. sounds would intertwine with my emotions, creating elobrate patterns. when i breathed, my breaths and heart beat would mix up with sounds and energies, making me not sure if i was actually breathing or whether my breaths and heartbeat were unreal feelings created by my trip. that was a bit scary and nerve racking. my sense of reality kept drifing in and out, for a couple minutes my trip would take over and over-rule reality, and then reality would take over again. after about 4 hours, i had an incredibly intense body high and was in a very enlightening state of euphoria. i could physically see patterns growing out of both mine and my friend's bodies. the patterns were connecting and forming a very strong bond of energy that we could both feel and see. the universe seemed to be unfloding before my eyes and everything made so much sense. it was like i knew the answer to every mystery of life, but would never be able to put them into words. music was so amazing, i felt like it was flowing through my body, and my body was flowing through the music. the trip lasted a total of about 6 hours and was an unbelievable experiance that really opened my eyes to the everything that is, and helped me find myself as a person.
*something i thought about while tripping....
as humans, we live in OUR reality. we are not able to feel or live the reality of any other element but human. most people think of the universe, world, and everything that is as revolving around us. as humans being the center of all that is on earth. as our life as being more significant than the life of an insect's or a tree's, but really, humans are only part of the pattern; one pattern that consists of everything that is. everything in the pattern is all equal. its all part of ONE pattern that consists of everthing that exists. we cant and never will dominate the pattern, we are all equal. i am just equal as the speed of light, as a spider, as a gust of wind.
itd okay if you think im crazy. you are too, you just dont know it yet, or maybe you'll never realize it. once you realize that your views on everthing are completely asqew, your mind will expand. :)

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