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New Millenium Eve

At Decemebr 31, 2000 at about 10:00 Pm I, my girlfriend and her friend where alone in my house by the beach and decided to shroom, as I had two bags of dried specimens from two flushes my ten cakes gave me a month earlier.

At Decemebr 31, 2000 at about 10:00 Pm I, my girlfriend and her friend where alone in my house by the beach and decided to shroom, as I had two bags of dried specimens from two flushes my ten cakes gave me a month earlier.I had never done it before, we all had taken LSD a few times before, but my girlfrind and her friend had taken shrooms once before each. I was worried about the dose, since we did not have any scales... :( and they did not have a clue either, since what they had in the past was a tea made by her friends some years ago. I wanted to take 3 grams. I had seen an article stating that one measuring teaspoon of dryed powder was about 1 gram, but still I was very worried about overdosing, because in the spoon it said that one teaspoon of pepper was 5 grams, so fuck, I didnt now what to do. To hell I thought, since I was worried about the girls weight (the where 110 pounds and I am 170) I decided that I should just trust the 1 gram = 1 level teaspoon and I wanted to take 3 grams, ans since they where smaller, to give them only 2 grams... What later proved to be a GREAT idea... After dosing, we tried to eat it straight, tasted like shit... so we mixed it with condensed milk and had it down... I only had 2 g also, I still worried about overdosind decided to take the rest later. 15 minutes after, we loked to some lights outside, and I realized that every street light had and giantic aurea and the colors where so bright... Yes it was working... 45 minutes from time 0, we where all listening to music, gigling, talking loud, smiling, leafing, I was glad it was new years eve, and many parties where going on, otherwize my neighbors would be upset and curious about what was going on... They started to have visuals, like pictures moving, the mushrooms moving, seeing trails... I was not that bad, and I decided to take the other grams to be just like them, but my stomach has so extremely upset that I just new if I took more at that time I would trow up, and regreted I did not take the 3 g at once straight from the beggining... 1:00 h - Cool, I was looking at my surfboard and it started moving!!! So did my granite floor!!! So did many things!!! The colors started to take my attention, i would look around and everithing would be green, then become red, and crazy things like this. I closed my eyes and sow many caledoscopical colored patterns... So I asked my girl friend to do the same and tell me if she could see anything. She answered that she sow a full ocean of bright colored fish swimming... She was tripping hard and could not speak very well... I wanted to relax and have an spiritual trip, but they were restless and wanted to go out somewere... 1:30 h I was sick in my stomach, I felt like I did something stupid as licking a poisoning frog. I was sweeting andwanted to vomit, my body was trying to get rid of the poison I had taken... Triping well, and awesome visuals still. 2:00 h my girlfriend sterted to have a BAD TRIP... She said she closed her eyes and would see Mexican and Indian backgrounds, I did lay her down in the bed, and hugged her, she said spirits wanted to talk to her, as she was hearing many voices... Then she started crying, shaking and asking for help for about two minutes and asked me to pray not for her but for the spirit was using her body to comunicate... After she calmed down she said the spirits where suffering and needed our help, she was shaking still... 3:00 h I was almost fine, no visuals, just stomach pain and tired. They were high still, we whet out to the beach to drink a coconut water... 04:00 Am (6 hours from time 0) we finally got home and went to sleep, woke up at 02:00 Pm very tired still and confused from the alcalloids... Whent back to sleep at 08:00 Pm and woke up the nest day at 08:00 Am fine and whent to work. Conclusions: My girlfriend does not want to take it anymore, I thought I did not want too, but since I did not get as far as I wanted for esperimentation purposes, I will do it again in about a month with my best friend that never did it either, this time I will take 3 -3.5 g (we did acid toghether the first time 1 1/2 hits each, was awesome, we have the sames toughts and became telepats that day), just want to give my body and mind some rest... I found out that I really like halucinogens, but they ARE poisons so a lot of care should be involved. They are not an everyday drug as pot, just an esperimental drug to be used once in a long while, so treaty your body with respect, be safe. Peace and love, Best wishes to all ;) T.

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