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New friends..

Well, well.

Well, well..I had a really good trip among a couple of really good friends.. First off, we started the night at about 7pm in my friend's apartment. We have been shrooming together for about 7 months or so. We invited a couple of our close friends over and we each ate four really good size stropharia shrooms. Within about 15 minutes we were all tripping balls! It was so crazy, things just started making total sense. We have this disco ball in the front room..whoa!, that was doing some crazy shit...it looked like(call me crazy) we were cars racing down a giant street; just flowing with the carpet....everyone had this strange aura around their bodies...faces just melted while I was looking at them....It was fucking crazy
I used to not really think about all that much when I was tripping. But lately I've started to become really introspective. I have been able to really clear my thoughts out, really 'find myself'. I once told a friend while we were frying that I really felt like I had finally "arrived" while we were tripping. That is the coolest feeling, I know this doesn't make much sense but I really felt like I was having a true mind expanding experiance. I think I got one step closer to really identifying with all of my thoughts...It really helps me figure out what the hell I want to do with my life...It seems that every time I do shrooms there is a point when I just don't want to be tripping anymore...right after the peak...but about an hour later nothing could be better...I feel I can finally communicate with everyone in the room at once..we can all say whatever is on our minds...it is the coolest feeling (god I keep saying that!)
I never felt that with acid or shrooms until lately. It was just some thing I did at parties, just something for fun...now it has become a clearing field for my mind....great stuff!!
The only thing that wasn't cool about the trip was that my friends wanted to go out to the pool at the apartment complex....I don't know why but I haven't been able to go out in public the last few trips...I just feel more comfortable inside...playing jezzball on the computer (fuck that is a really good game to get some serious visuals on....that and James Bond for N64...feels like you are in that world) away from any possibility of being arrested..hmm Overall a great experience..!

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