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New Experience

Before college i hadnt done any drugs at all.

Before college i hadnt done any drugs at all. I had only drank once. Once i got to college my room mate, who was quite experienced with most types of drugs got me to start smoking weed. He also mentioned that mushrooms were the funnest drug he had ever took. This got my attention. I had never met a person who triped on mushrooms before and the way he described it sounded quite interesting. I started casually looking into the effects of shrooms just out ouf curiosity. The more i read the more interesting they became. I also became aware that most of my new friends at college were experienced trippers. For about a month i heavily researched mushrooms untill i was fully comfortable in what i was likely to experience. I had been trying to get my hands on some shrooms for some time after that and one day my good friend whom i had met through my room mate when i first got to college called me up. He knew i wanted to try mushrooms real bad and told me that that night he would split an 8th he just bought with me and that it would be free. I couldnt turn this offer down and i didnt want to. I met him at his apt. at around 6p.m. and we went right to the store to get some OJ because he said it would intensify the trip. after the store we went to a little pond in the back of the campus which is super jungly and super isolated. we both ate out half an 8th, a small dose for him and he said a good first time dose for me. As we sat on the table that over looks the pond we talked about what i would first start to experience with the mushrooms. I was obviosly nervous but i had really wanted to do this for some time and i was really happy that i had. My friend reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and if at any time during the trip i had trouble he could help me get out of it. We were sitting under a big tree and the first thing i noticed about it (about 30 min after we ate the shrooms) was the bigger branches started to wiggle. then more things started to move. I found this totaly awesome. As the trip intesified everything in nature became the most wonderfull thing i have ever seen/heard/smelled/felt. the simplest things like the leaves of trees made me SO happy. i was aware of every bug and every blade of grass. i noticed paterns in things i had never even thought patterns existed. being outside was the most amazing thing ever. After some time (time went SO slow)we went back to his apt to hit a bowl. i was still tripping really hard. just starting to peak i think. The inside was creepy for some reason. he was locked out of his room so we went to his neighboors apt. He is real good firends with them. I had just met them a few days earlier but i knew they were real chill guys. they had tripped a bunch of times and they were real fun to be around. they gave me things to play with (real simple like ice and bisket dough, but they got the job done) a little later some other kids came in the room. i had never met them before and to me they were REALLY scary. the guys from the apt saw i was troubled and asked them to leave which was real cool of them cause they blew off some of there good friends just to help me out on my first trip. the apt wasnt nearly as good as the outside but the carpet, walls and textured ceiling were real fun to stare at, especially the wooden table in the center of the room. i could see the wood flowing like a river in the grains. about then the deep thinking started that i had read about. I thought things so fast that i couldnt even understand them. i found that if i thought a negative thought it snowballed untill i was real scared but my friend and the guys who owned the apt helped me out whenever they saw that i was creeping the fuck out. i saw some sweet open eyed visuals like things "breathing" and changing color. My closed eye visuals were out of this world. they were so detailed and complex they were almost to creepy to have my eyes closed for more than a few seconds. they were so intricate that i couldnt even begin to tell what they were. afte a while the trip started to wear off and we hit a bowl. it brought back the visual effects like the flowing carpet and walls but the thinking stage was over. we went outside and wandered around for a little till all the effects were gone. we had taken the shrooms at 6p.m. and it felt like it was at least 4 in the morning i said to my friend that we should stay up to watch the sun rise, he laughed and told me that it was only 10p.m.! god time moved so slow! he told me it felt like that becuause my mind was working at 10 or 20 times faster than normal, which i totaly belive. Over all the trip was the most profound thing i have ever done in my life. like all my friends had told me and the reports i had read, shrooms really did change how i look at things. The only thing i think could be more life changing is getting a wife and having a child. I was real glad that i had done my research before the trip because it really helped me out during. one of the best parts of the trip were the next few days after it. everything looked so much better and i was much more happier than normal. it was fun seeing somthing and making it remind me of how happy i was when i saw it tripping, like leaves for example. oh yeah music when i was tripping was WONDERFULL. certain songs make me happy now because i was triping when i listend to them and they made me happy aswell. the next time i do shrooms has already been planed out by me and my friend. we are going to do them in the daytime way in the back of a jungle vally. im really looking forward to seeing all the colors i missed out on during the night. also when i was outside a negative thought never even crossed my mind.

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