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never tripped harder

it was Thursday June 8th and my friends and i had all gotten out of school at 12 30 it was summer now.

it was Thursday June 8th and my friends and i had all gotten out of school at 12 30 it was summer now. nothing can give you a better trip than knowing you wont have school for another 2 1/2 months..

so me Brian and aldair all decided to shroom. now Brian had done it once before but that was at night, this was aldair and mines first time.
when we got the shrooms Brian inhaled an 8th while me and aldiar decided to split an 8th as evenly as possible.

now as we were eating them we were sitting around watching the seed of chucky..lol possibly THE most ridiculous movie i have ever seen. as we were laughin at the end where the kid starts whoopin his dads ass with karate and chops all his limbs off we started feelin really stoned..the shrooms were startin to work

now this is my first drug outside of weed and alcohol and the daily does of adderall (ADHD is a bitch)..so i had no idea what i was getting into.
as they started to work we decided to go into my backyard which is very colorful and full of life. we sat in lawn chairs and talked as about 10 other people just started showin up..party time

the shrooms took effect about 25 minutes after consumption..the instant i knew i was trippin was when i looked into the garage at an empty car and i swear i saw a person sitting in the back seat with a mechanical arm like robocop or somethin and i thought i saw the whole car shaking like a siezure. also there was this teddy bear in the corner of the garage and if you use your peripherals everything looks different so i decided to use this method of trippin on the teddy bear so me brian and aldair sat in the garage look at the bear through our peripherals when all of a sudden we all jumped and yelled "holy shit did you see it move?!?" we decided to stop this shortly after

i decided to go into the house since it was hot as all hell(i live in california reppin the bay :D) and as i went in i looked at my granite tile and if you lock your eyes on anything for a long time you start seeing some crazy shit so i locked my eyes on the tile and saw patterns that morphed into at least 20 crazy ass lookin clowns like the stickers from round table that looked like they were reaching for me so i started laughin my ass off at how high i was. so me aldair and brian decided to see how tripped out we can get so we went to an elementary school and looked at this BRIGHT painting of underwater ocean animals and i decided to lock my eyes in once place again and i looked like there was a worm like from tremors crawling under the wall and the wall was making a wave..the animals looked like they werent a painting but were bumps on the wall. and trees that were like 80 feet tall were behind this small gate looked like they were trying to come towards us with there limbs out like they are arms, but they only thing holding them back is the small gate.

i also noticed my ADHD was severe. i saw a white piece of paper in the middle of the grass about 50 feet out and without thinking just started sprinting to it and looked at it for 10 minutes then a bird flew by and i lost all thought of the paper and followed the bird that was flying only inches from the ground..

when we went back to my house us three have ADHD and are easily amused so we started playing with a lamp a box of rasinets and shoe cleaner and had the most fun ever. i was the lamp brian was the "fat" rasinet box and aldair was the shoe cleaner and we made voices and personalities for them..we laughed for an hour. after we got bored of that we started a conversation about gettin some more ladies over for a better time. i interrupted myself and i said "yea im about to call am- woah dude look at my hand." cuz i was staring at my hand which started to make patterns that were moving..
i came down 4 hours later at a park and started smokin some weed which brought my high back and trees looked purple and i started spotting out the "cingular, raising the bar" things everywhere in the trees bushes and even people.

one thing i kind of didnt like tho is feeling like i had to do a billion things at once..i wanted to sit i wanted to lay down i wanted to lean against something i wanted to run i wanted to walk i wanted to talk i wanted to rap i wanted to play football, basketball, handball, i wanted to just float so i didnt have to feel these mixed emotions i could just view the world on shrooms

i suggest anybody try this at least once but you have to do it with friends you trust..you have to try the eyelock method and peripheral thing(stare straight but focus on the side of your eyes) too cuz that just makes everything fun =]

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