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Never knew mushrooms could do this.

Okay, so I wake up after eatin 5 G's throughout the night before and an hour later eat a G and set on foot to meet my girlfriend.

Okay, so I wake up after eatin 5 G's throughout the night before and an hour later eat a G and set on foot to meet my girlfriend. We get back to her house and I offer the mushrooms and like a champ she takes 2 G's. While walking to meet her I also chomped on about another .5

So I eat another 2 G's with her, just dried - straight mush. About a half hour later, it begins to set in.

We went downstairs to make grilled cheese and we were feeling a little sick in the stomache, but managed to eat them and we then headed upstairs. My girlfriend was trippin pretty hard but I was fine. We started talking for a while and then she went to kiss me. I had my eyes closed afterwards because I thought she was still close, but when I opened my eyes still thinkin she was close, the image of her flashed in one place and kept doing so, receeding back to where she was sitting. But this wasn't anything compared to what was to come.

We got our swim suits on and headed outside to the completely blue sky, sunny and warm day. We got in the pool and began swimming. Everything looked so perfect. My girlfriend and I got close just hugging and we began talking about what was happening but couldn't stop.

Soon enough, I started trippin as hard as she was and we couldn't believe what was happenening to us. Everything we said, the other person was thinking of. We felt like we were formed as one and I have never felt so in love before. We were finishing each others sentance and even having similar hallucinations. I felt like I was in her head and she was in mine. And she felt the same too. It was unbelievable.

We were holding each other and went underwater, spiraling in what seemed a comfortable room. Most of what we saying to each other was "I love you so much" and it made the trip so enjoyable because I know I want to be with this girl for the rest of my life.

When I was swimming underwater I had my eyes closed, and I visualized an amanita muscara mushroom and which ever direction I wuld turn in, it would bend that way. I even went underwater to see how long I could hold my breath, and again I visualized the same mushroom, but this time it was standing still and lightning was comming from the sky in all directions down at it. Soon enough, everytime I closed my eyes I was seing these mushrooms, either as singles or in a fairy ring. I also was holding my gf at one point, thinking as usual about the love I have for her and we put our heads close and her eyes started moving into each other. They stayed there. And when I moved away she was normal again.

My girlfriend and I were hooked on how we were able to tell what one another was thinking. We felt like we were as one the whole time and stayed in the pool until the hallucinations were pretty much over.

I'm pretty sure you'll have a crazy unexplainable trip like this if you are the right person. Most people sit there and trip by themselves not sharing their feeling or anything. Don't keep it to youself let your mind juices flow and feel the love! It sucks when people do mushrooms to see things and not actually to enjoy the magic they will uncover to you if you treat them right. They can actually make you a better person, not kill you're brain and change you for the worst. I missed so much, like everybody does. But this is as close I could get for now.

Happy Shroomin, Peaaaaaaaaace.

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