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never go to the MALL

Right before coming home for thanksgiving break, I picked up about 10 grams of mushrooms.

Right before coming home for thanksgiving break, I picked up about 10 grams of mushrooms. I had originally planned for my brother and I to shroom during thanksgiving day when around the family and all, but that didnt happen. THey probably would have never known if we kept our cool, and the food would have tasted extraordinary, but that didnt happen...

So...the saturday after thanksgiving, I call my friends brian and greg up, and they are clueless that i have shrooms, but we set out for the city(we are from the country, city=new and exciting) I surprise them with the mushrooms, and about thirty minutes later, we see planet music and barnes and nobles on the side of the road.
first stop: inside planet music, im confused as hell. there are all these cutouts of people, everywhere. pretty soon im staring one in the face and it starts walking away. i find brian and greg in the classical music room, and we go one to barnes and nobles- i dont remember much about it except for this one book of beaches, where the clouds were moving everywhere and the waves breaking. it was quite a site.
then, for some stupid reason, we decide to hit up the mall. the first place we all go to is this art gallery. and just like the beaches book, these paintings were very much alive. next stop was a bonzai tree stand- the man who ran it told us about his farm back somewhere where he had hundreds of trees growing. His stand looked like a miniature forest, it was amazing.
and then we got hungry, so at the food court, i was disgusted at all the nasty fast food chains, i didnt know what to do. So i went to chick-fil-A, why i dont know. the menu was competely greek to me. i just laughed when they asked me to order, and said 'number one please'. the food was nasty as hell! greg and i just let our sandwiches sit there, and for 15 minutes, we laughed about our food, and everything that we saw.
Then brian, who we thought was lost, comes up with some mcdonalds- hes careless as hell. during our conversation, he blurted out several phrases like "i bought acid" and "man im tripping balls" pretty loudly. Greg and I just sat there and laughed like hell about the intelligence of our friend. he made a few more dumb comments that had us rolling, but thankgod we left.
i will never trip there again
sure there were some nice sights to see
but it is too much to handle.

after we went home we went to the boardwalk and it was raining, so we walked around the beach a bit and finished our trip the way it should have been all along.

the very end: brian and greg dropped me off at my house, my trip still barely lasting, and i noticed all these cars at my house-it was all our relatives! i freaked out, but composed myself and walked in the door. They all smiled and said hey, and i did the same and walked right through the room. My little cousins then attacked me. I hadnt seen them in ages, so it was wonderfu, we skateboarded, did gymnastics, played trivia games, gave massages, and basically goofed off. i then realized that tripping is basically like being a kid again. They were excited about the smallest little things, and i was glad i got to end my trip with them.

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