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nature speaks!

yes, so i ate half an eighth of dried shrooms at 2pm on saturday.

yes, so i ate half an eighth of dried shrooms at 2pm on saturday.

then i sat while my friend (who ate the other half) had some bathroom getting ready time.

i didn't really think anything of the time passing, until the corners of my eyes started flashing, probably 20 minutes later or so. i kept getting distracted by the flashing, so i would look over at it, and then notice that everything in the room was breathing. like, the enormous leopard print beanbag chair sitting next to me was rippling right along with my breathing. it was a very pleasant flow.

so then we went outside and nature started speaking. for the entire day, i felt very religious-- i kept looking at the bushes and saying "i can see your wonders" in this deep god-like voice, i'm sure i looked crazy. it was extremely sunny, and it just felt like every single plant and tree was emerging from the snow, so proud to show me how beautiful they were. i just kept repeating "it's SO beautiful!" everytime i got too wrapped up in the beauty of nature, and the INTENSITY OF MUD i just stared down at the rippling concrete beneath my feet and stomped on it.

after walking across campus, my friend & i went to the 4th floor of our friends' dorm, where i perched myself and watched the squirrels in the tree outside the door. the great thing was that the squirrels & i understood eachother, and that i could understand this whole thing going on between these two squirrels--one was SO fat and was taking all of the other one's food, and it was so sad.

so i tied a string to the branch outside the window and started shaking it at the fat squirrel.

at this point, my friends decided i didn't really need to be standing next to an open window, so they sat me in front of the television. luckily, tv wasn't doing it for me, but the tapestry on the wall definitely was. i kept saying "i love how the wind comes inside" because the tapestry was rippling and flowing, even though the window was shut.

later, we went to the grocery store where i put up a great fight against artificial preservatives in food, and picked out some wonderful multicolored pasta to make for dinner, aunatural. i felt very very offended at the multitude of artificial food in the supermarket. i also became obsessed with looking at a picture on a magazine of "temptation island" because, it was soooo tempting. (because the magazine people marketed it to make it the most tempting thing EVER)

when we walked back from the grocery store, it was incredibly windy. i asked my friend if it was always this windy, and she said yes, i just never noticed it before because i'm FROM here. i was like "YES!! i have become aclimitized to wind, and the wind has therefore been internalized within me" and this idea was really really exciting. wind is great.

well, needless to say a lot more stuff happened--like THE SUNSET but i probably don't really need to go into it.

it was a beautiful beautiful day.

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