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Nature Rules

Let me start by saying that I am a farily unexperienced traveler.

Let me start by saying that I am a farily unexperienced traveler. I have tried mushrooms a total of five times with very different effects each time. I have followed what goes on here at the shroomery for quite some time now, but this is the first time I've shared a psycidelic experience with the public. The highest number of Psilocybe cubensis I have injested at once was 12, but strangly, the strongest trip I have had came when injesting only 4 mushrooms. That trip is the one I would like to share with you.
I injested four mushrooms at twelve noon (a good time to dose if you can). The warmth of the sun was so comforting. Since I was only taking a small dose I figured it would be safe to stay home (with people who do not approve of shrooms). After a small wait I realized that I had to leave my house immediatly because I could feel that my trip was going to be more intense than planned.
I hopped in my car. Which probably sounds like a very stupid thing to do. But I have found that while under the influence of mushrooms you have much more control over youself, than something like acid. Although I definatly wouldn't recomend driving to anyone who is severly fuct or at the peak of their trip.
I went over to my girlfriend's house and by now I was feeling a tingling sensation in all of my apendages. I had not planned on having sex, but we did. I found it slightly more difficult to obtain an erection but with that feat out of the way the sex was out of this world for both of us. I hope I didn't offend anyone with that. After chatting for a while I left. The effects of the mushrooms were much more intense now than before. It was approxamatly an hour after injestion.
I forgot to mention this - I had just eaten at Carl's Jr. before I ate the mushrooms, I though maybe this would help to reduce the amount of upset I usually experience after eating PF shrooms. It did, but it also took much longer for the peak to hit and was somewhat less over powering.
I ended up stopping by my friend's house. He had some good weed that he just bought and offered me a bong hit. I accepted. This is when things got real crazy. Marijuana definatly intensifys a mushroom trip. In my case, I was approaching my peak and the pot sent me hurdling over the edge of reality. My friend was sitting on a couch that had a brightly colored blanket on it. The pattern must have burned into my retna or something because everywhere I looked I saw black and blue stripes. Cool!! I purchased a half ounze of the weed and my friend had to leave. Which was a good thing because I was starting to become very aggitated. I'm not sure what caused it, but I was very tense and the palms of my hands began to perspire heavily.
I got back into my car now feeling the full effects of the mushrooms (and weed) I had eaten about an hour and a half ago. Life was good. But then things took a turn for the worse. Before I knew what was happening I was having the worst trip of my life. I started thinking very deeply about all the things in my life that are messed up. We all have things we wish we could change or wish could have been different but these things are a real burden to think about while shrooming. It took me a while to realize that I was having a bad trip but once I did, I quickly changed my thoughts. I had a few hours of shrooming to look forward to and I didn't want it to be ruined by negative feelings.
I found a nice secluded spot in the middle of nowhere where I could smoke some weed and relax. I sat in awe looking at the landscape. Never before have I felt such an appriciation for my community. I live in the middle of a vast desert and even there I found a great deal of beauty. Except for this pesky lake. It totally interfered with the rest of the scenery. A lake in the middle of a desert seemed way out of place. I disliked it so much I had to move. I turned my car around and was glad I did.
I was now facing the mountains. I could see that it must have just snowed because all of the trees still had snow on them. I could have sat there forever admiring their grandness. I was in a MUCH better mood now.
I hadn't even smoked any weed yet. In part because I was afraid to. If one bong hit sent me flying through the atmosphere what would two or three or four do? I would soon find out.
After smoking two bong hits, which took me an extremely long period of time, I sat back and began to listen. Listen to everthing. The wind, the sound of the birds chirping, the sound of a lizzard scurring on the ground, the sound of a plane off in the distance, even the sound of the wind rushing through a bird's wings as he flew over head. And all of the sound I heard filled me with a strong sence of satisfaction. I heard things that I'm sure I would not have if I weren't shrooming.
As the shrooms began to wear off, I wanted nothing more than to go exploring in the wilderness. What could I see if I looked closely? Up until this point I was looking at things from a distance, from inside my car. But I forgot my jacket and it was slightly cold outside. Enough that I didn't want to be in it, so I just stayed in my car smoking weed to take off "the edge" until the effect wore off enough that I felt confident about going back home.
This trip taught my to respect mushrooms more. You never know how the particular mushrooms you are going eat are going to effect you. Aparantly the potency can vary greatly from shroom to shroom, even shrooms af the exact same strain. So be careful with this powerful teacher and never never underestimate the power of the shroom!!

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