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nature on shrooms

About three weeks ago, two of my friends and I decided to trip out.

About three weeks ago, two of my friends and I decided to trip out. We had been talking about it for a few weeks, saying that we 3 had to do it sometime together. I had eaten mushrooms once, but they werent very good so only felt a few affects.....no visuals or anything. M had never eaten shrooms, and Z had eaten them on numerous occasions. We finally organized the shrooms, and actually got them. I'm not sure what type they were, Psilocybe cubensis or anything else..... I knew that they were good though,I trusted the source and thought that this would be a pretty fun night. Anyway, the place we decided to eat them was at a friends cottage. She and her sister have cottage parties every so often and a bunch of people drive up from friday-sunday and just drink and stuff . Their cottage is in this little really nice survey of cottages up north, with lots of little pathways and this huge lookout looking over this big river and tons of forest, it's really high up.

Anyway, we ate the mushrooms around midnight, I consumed 1.5 grams, Z 1.5 and M just one gram since it was her first time. After about 15-30 minutes, I began to feel really giggly and like I had just smoked weed. No one else felt anything, except they were pretty giggly and Z said she felt it in her legs, and thought this was going to be a really good trip for her. My arms felt weightless and I kept lifting them up as well as my legs. I had this urge to have something in my hands at all times so I chainsmoked for the first few hours. I had begun to get really giggly and stumbly, and about 30 minutes after chewing we walked to this lookout with a few hours, and everything looked really crystal clear and nice. I thought this was how the whole trip was going to be, I thought that it was pretty cool but not THAT special....Z and M thought I was nuts cause I was really starting to feel it. As I walked from another guys cottage to our friends with this one guy V, I looked at this one light on the road that kept flashing cause there was something wrong with it. That was the first thing that totally tripped me out. At first I got scared of it, and then I turned away, closed my eyes and I got this 3D picture of it inside of my eyes still flashing. IT was soooooo weird, and I went on about it for awhile. I felt like I was extremely high or something, and I was still pretty excited. About 1:15 ( I don't remmeber the time) me Z and M walked to the lookout just us 3. Z always told us about how she loves being in nature while on shrooms, cause everything just looks so beautiful. So we decided to go looking and see for ourselves, we wanted to make this cool. M still was saying that she didn't feel anything, and was getting kind of sad because she really thought they weren't going to work and that it was a waste of money. By the way we paid $10 a gram... if that matters. So walking to the lookout, I was so amazed. It must have taken us 20 minutes to do this 2 minute walk.....we just stopped and stared at everything. I always though nature was pretty, but now i Have so much appreciation and actually see true beauty in all the nature...it's so intricate. I saw all these different patterns in the dirt, the trees looked so cool and everything was so defined and brighter.....and EVERYTHING was either beautiful, trippy or soooooo cool....
Like for instance, the branches on trees looked totally different, like you could see everything in total 3D and things that were closer you could define the space...it's really hard to explain. Some of the colours on trees looked glow in the dark, and while I was staring at the dirt road this sheet of green patterns came right above it , it looked really cool. When we get to the lookout, I was totally mesmerized by everything!!!!!! I cant even explain how I felt, but I was just so so so happy and everything looked so cool. We were all 3 laughing alot, but at some points were in our own little worlds but thenwould look at each other and start laughing again. By this time Z was feeling it as much as me, and M was beginning to feel it and was finally happy. I remember that M couldn't stop crying but she wasn't sad, and we never made sense and we couldn't understand what each other were saying. We saw all this cool stuff across the river, and heard all sorts of sounds. The nature was still amazing us all. I enjoyed looking at M and Z because of all the facial expressions and just how they looked. I saw everything in mosaic/cobweb type patterns at one point, like the backdrop of everything and also Z's face. Again at the lookout I was staring at Z's face, it began to slowly melt.......it kind of freaked me out but I knew I was just imagining it so it was pretty amazing.. we decided to leave the lookout because we were really hungry and wanted to see what was going on at the party. I think maybe Z and I were tripping harder because #1 we ate more mushrooms, and #2 we both hadnt eaten for at least 7 hours, and M ate on the drive up to the cottage. Anyway, it took us a pretty long time to walk back, because we were still looking at everything. We looked at our watched and realized that it was already 2:30!! we were all like 'Holy shit iThought it had been an hour!!!" We were pretty surprised, but were all still pretty buzzed and pleasant. We walked back to the cottage, got some food and left.............everyone was so drunk and stupid, we felt sober there and everyone was just so rowdy. It made us come down alot, so we just said hi and then left to just chill with us 3 again. We walked around the little horshoe once more, and then picked a spot to just stand and talk. I swear, that night we talked and we all said stuff we would not normally say, it was like a deeper side of us had all come up, we all felt soooooo good!!!!!! so we just sat outside, chilled and ate, talked and just looked at everything. we were definitely coming down, at 4 we just felt high and still pretty giggly. we lookedat stuff in more depth and still found lots of things cool, like these cookies from australia and puddles and the mud, we loved the mud to death. it always felt like our feet were molded in with the earth, like we weren't wearing shoes but we were. I remember the most beautiful things ever were these
#1 the raindrops in the light on trees..they were really nice
#2 the beams of light we could see from this light..we could see all the little rays, we called it jesus' rays or something liek that.....
#3 the most beautiful thing of all was these little branches or something that were hanging over the road, and you could see their shadow in the road....it looked like they were drawn in the road but they werent.. we went crazy kicking the shadows trying to make them go but they wouldnt!! we totally loved this thing, we thought it was so beautiful!! eventually we got tired and came down alot, but I still felt really alive..........Z and M went to bed around 5:30 or 6, and after they went to bed I felt more lonely and pretty sad......I was sad until I tried to sleep at 7:30.....I was too alive and couldnt sleep, so I walked to the lookout aagain with a friend. I was still just thinking about everything and was sad the whole morning.... i dont even know about what. THats basically the end of my amazing experience..... it wasnt a crazy story but It was one of the best times ever......it was so good because you can bond with people, you see everything in a totally different perspective and it really made me love nature so much.....I look at it different now. I shroomed again a few days later, i ate 1.8 grams but barely felt any effects......a lot of sounds and i was pretty giggly, but no visuals. Once again I got sad. I think thats the only down side to shrooming, is the stupid pain in your stomach after eating them and how I got so sad when coming down....i think the sadness is also because of the realization that you're not in a fantasty world anymore, and you feel so normal and BLAH!!!!! That's the crap part. Anyway, whoever reads this I hope you enjoyed it. Happy shrooming to everyone!!!!! It's such a great experience if you do it right.......I suggest in the nature and be with other people on shrooms cause it's so much laughing and you can relate with them to everything........... I plan to shroom again in 2 weeks with M so maybe I'll update you on that..................................Well.... keep it real... *SuPeRSTaR*

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