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Mystic Indians

I'm presently on shrooms.

I'm presently on shrooms...a really good trip and i'm on my peak or next to it...

I will describe you the trip the best i can

I went to a tavern with my friend.
I took 1.5 or a bit more of psilocybe cubensis(i think..) and my friend goes on "beer" trip!

(Before all this i listened classical music...weird music,went to play in the harmony of my city..clarinet.., i looked also pictures...etc..i boosted my mind on maximum, and finally talked to my friend Mushie..thank him..)

Its very different.
Too different.
After 30 minutes of ingesting our respective substances...we started to shit the other...but not me very well because i was on mush(intelligent,perspicace,attentive VS happy,mad and violent..)and not him..

So we go under a bridge near my home ...with a forest near..and car noises:)

There was already a fire...
We sit down..and tripped...

On my side.
On his side.

My trip was going very well...i was seeing strange things like a kind of ritual with the fire and the rest of the trees near..(looks like a squelette)..

I was always drawing pictures of Indians,totems,mystic things near the fire(with a little tree..)

It was weird and so pleasant and knowledgeable...

(But my friend rushed me!! i dont want to talk about this...)

But after a certain time, things began to be a bit more scaring..

i was hearing weird noises(in relation with indians ...or the brige..the black bridge) and suddenly i saw a kind of fucked pink horse..going fast..with the noise...strange! )

But interesting.
But my friend wanted to go another place..(shit)

He was not tripping like me...

So conclusion: dont trip with non-shroomers

there are not always logical to our point of view..(When they are drunk!)

It was a weird trip.
I loved it anyway.

I'm presently on shrooms..all this story was a funny thing in my buzz...good..and spiritual.

Thanks to nature and life.


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