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my world has changed

my day started off as a normal day and i knew i was goin shroomin.

my day started off as a normal day and i knew i was goin shroomin. I had picked up about 50 bucks worth of them i dont know how much was there and i really didnt care i just needed something to put me in a diffrent world and my dealer said this is the shit . i picked up wit three of my friends and the day after we picked up my friends came to my house and we ate them there at about 3:30. so i walked to my other friends house because he was hungry so i waited at the corner with two of my friends. i rested head my down on my arm against a fence and BOOM! thats wen it hit me it was about 4:00. i felt like i was in heaven. i was talking to my friends but not understanding anything any of us were saying so my friend came bak and said " yo im fukt up" so i looked and didnt say nothing he said to my other friends whats wrong with him so i looked up and screamed out "SHUT UP YOU NAZI SON OF A BITCH"
i dont know why i said that but i did. then they all laughed and then i did and i felt like i just took a million hits of ecstay like everything was beautiful and i loved everything. then around 4:30 we arrived to my friend johns house so we went into the basement. i started feeling sick like there was worms in my stomach so i told a freind and he said me too. then i thought to myself i dont need to have a bad trip so i picked up this toy my friends little sister has and it was great then his brother came down
and he is a dj so he has all these huge ass speakers and woofers so he started playin music but he was blastin it so loud and the whole room was shaking and my friend said he was goin to sleep. now the three of them were in bad trips. i was the only one having fun so my friend looked up at me and i looked at him and everything just like shut down and it was like i was in space with him and just him and he said "AM I GONNA DIE" so i was like HELL NO JUST DONT THINK ABOUT IT and them boom everything started up again thats when his little sister waddled down the stairs. she was the coolest thing i have ever seen so little and she was glowing and blending in with everything so she started to talk to me then i knoded my head because i didnt understand and she just gave me this look like she was reading my mind and all that i was thinking is that this little girl it soo cool.so now my friends are scared and ready to leave and i was ready to go but i couldnt leave this little girl she was crying beacause we were leaving then my friends punched me and said "thats my little sister she is only 4" i said "o yea". so we started to walk and it was pouring out.we finally got to the woods by my house and we were under the train overpass and there was this rock so i sat on it then i saw a little rock and i picked it up and looked at it and it seemed like there was a world on the rock so i started talking about wat if THIS world is on a rock just like this one my friends looked at me and laughed then i looked at the trees and they were melting and by this time i was sooo messed up i was seeing tropical birds flying from tree to tree and ilive in new york i know there was no tropical birds so then i saw the walls of the overpass and they were breathing heavy and so fast and the colors were changing like a kalidascope and there were patterns everywhere like i was in a computer and my bitchass of a friend kept saying "im wet im cold i wanna go home and go to sleep" so all i kept screaming wen ever he said that was "SHUT THE FUCK UP" so this must of happened about 40 times and that brought some attention so i guess someone that lived around there called the cops and they came and we got scared because that was the only sign of life we have seen for hours (what seemed like hours) so we ran and got away thank god. after that we just sat around in the rain and watched all the diffrent patterens and shapes the clouds and rain were making. the rain was changing colors then i felt as if i came out of my body and was dancing wit the clouds and after that we just talked about how much of a bitch one of the kids was and we made him cry so we felt bad and that is all i can really remember for now and that was a while ago and i have triped many times after that and not one bad one

the next day i felt so good like nothing mattered and the world ment nothing so dont do anything kind of feeling and now im great
so allyou people keep up the good trips and watch what you eat

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