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My World


OK! Here's about the closest rendition of an extremely good shroom trip that can be put down in writing. I had purchased 1 g of cubensis from the Hillside Festival in Guelph Ontario a week earlier and was now at the Blue Skies Festival in Clarendon Ontario. It was the last night of the weekend long festival and I had been saving my shrooms for just that occasion. I was at the festival with my girlfriend and 6 of my friends. Most of my friends had tripped out the 2 previous nights, but I saved mine for the last because if I take shrooms too frequently I build a severely high tolerance and will barely feel any effects. Anyhoo, I had already been smoking bud here and there throughout the day and refrained from eating much, hoping to intensify my trip.
I munched my massive stem about an hour before sunset and shortly after my girlfriend ate her shrooms too. We walked around with some friends while I waited for the first pulses to begin the slow steady trancendense down into that fun place we all know too well! We were sitting by a tree where there was a memorial plaque for someone who died there when I felt the first waves begin to lap upon my brain. The place we were sitting is near the top of the hill looking down onto the stage area, which was swarming with people. For the time being the people were still there, dancing to the music, having a good time, a great number were probably tripping too!! The sun raced westward across the sky as the pulses began to intensify. As it begins to get dark I enjoy the steady lift-off as the shrooms keep coming on harder and harder. Me and my girlfriend (let's call her 1) walk down the hill a little ways and lie down on the cool grass. By this time everyone else has wandered off to who knows where, leaving 1 and I to enter another world. The music coming from the stage sounded beautiful throughout the trip (I don't know which bands were playing and I didn't notice any stop when they switched bands), adding depth and background to my conciousness. I began to feel the ground beneath me wrapping up and around me, like a cocoon. I was holding onto 1 with my left arm and my didge with my right. The ground completely engulfed my body leaving only my face exposed and fixed into a certain postion so I couldn't look elsewhere. I began to focus on one star directly in the middle of the sky. There was something special about it (hard to describe, a shroom thing, you know). My entire field of view with the night sky with all the stars and around the edges was the tops of the trees that surrounded the hill where we were lying. It was completely round, a perfect circle, the tree tops around the edge and the sky filling the middle. I couldn't stop focusing on the one star.
Every so often one of our friends would happen to be wandering by, see us on the ground, and stop in for a little visit. At one point in time "Dread" came along and sat down beside us. I could see him on the edge of my world, and he looked like some kind of troll. I told him this so he proceeded to act like a troll causing me to laugh my ass off. During the times when it was just myself and 1, I had amazing thoughts about where I was and how I never wanted to go back. Then I couldn't even grasp the concept of reality and couldn't remember what I didn't want to go back to. I had absolutely no recollection of what had gone on only a few hours earlier. I was in the present only, nothing else mattered. I was. That is all. With 1 by my side, in my happy little world, I stayed, and I thought thoughts, and I contemplated contamplations, and was at complete peace with everything.
Eventually, when a few of the people we were with had found us again, one of them happened to say what time it was. Everything just kind of snapped back onto where we were. For both myself and 1. We started yelling at him for ruining everything. My world had vanished in a blink of an eye. It was about that time that I noticed I had to pee, something fierce. Slowly 1 and I got up and began the trek to the outhouse on the other side of the hill. It seemed like we were walking through jell-o or some other viscous liquid. When we got to the top of the hill we ran into dread and DJ poontang. I was still royally whacked and couldn't believe it!! I got right in DJ P's face and was stretching it and stuff saying "No way! No way it's you guys!! I don't believe it!!". They were pretty fucked up too so they just laughed and said they were going to watch the music. I had forgotten for the moment that I had to pee so I was relieved when they didn't ask me to go with them because I would have surely forgotten altogether and peed my pants or something.
Making our way to the outhouses was a difficult task, it was very dark and I didn't really know where it was. Luckily for me 1 knew. We approached the outhouses and I just stood there. 1 asked me if I was going to go or not. I told her that I was afraid to just go open one in case there was somebody in it so I was just going to stand here until somebody walked out of one. Then I realized that was pretty stupid because if they were empty no one would walk out and I would just stand there. So I went to the nearest door and opened it, empty! I guess it was a handicap washroom or something because this place was huge! I'm not sure if it was the shrooms or what but the walls seemed to be glowing white and have ivy or some kind of vines growing all over them. Also as soon as I stepped inside the whole thing started to rock like a boat. Which was actually pretty cool!! I started to pee and the rocking action forced me to pee all over the floor. That kinda sucked but I thought it was funny anyways. After I peed we went back up into the woods to our campsite where I began tumbling back down to earth. I rode out the afterglow until the early morning hours, feeling refreshed and cleansed and just overall amazing. 1 had gone for a walk because she wasn't tired, so I climbed into the tent and just lay there listening to the people at our site and watching flashlights on the tent walls and stuff. After a while 1 came in and I got a little tang before we fell into a deep comfortable sleep, waking up the next morning feeling so good I had to smoke a fat bong!!
B.S.III, 98

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