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My vErY FiRsT tRiP!

Way back when i was a pretty inexperienced drug user.

Way back when i was a pretty inexperienced drug user.. i only had smoked weed a few hundred times.. i decided to try something different.. my friend told me she that her ex-bf had invited us over to his house to do shrooms.. i was pretty excited.. and a lil scared.. well firstly i had not known ANYTHING about mushrooms at the time except that they were a hallucinogenic drug.. so anyways.. we picked up the mushrooms and my count was all cap. i had no idea what kind of shrooms they were and we got them from some people i didnt know.. but really i didnt care.. anyways.. we went to the guys house first and drank.. i drank a lot.. a few beers and a lotta vodka and i was really tanked when it was time to drop.. so i ate them and remembered thinking..man these taste like shit!!! so anyways right after we dropped we were walking around this city i had never been before only drove thru once or twice.. then my friend ran off andi was left with this guy i barely knew walking around at like 2am in a strange place when they started to kick in.. first i just stopped and admired how the colours had become very vibrant and exciting (to this day thats my favourite part of the trip) so i just kinda stood there in awe for a few minutes.. then we were walking around past all these stores where i would stare at the dummies and say things like "OH my god why are there people in there staring at me" and really freaking out... i remember i just kept falling into a clump on the ground every once and a while just totally losing control of my body.. it was amazing!! later on we had found my friend who had run off and she was dancing in sprinklers yelling "look its raining look its raining!" so after we found her we went back to the guys house and hung around in his basement.. there were all these tripping paintings and decors all over the walls and i would look at them and they would start dancing and swirling around.. it was incredible! the i started peaking and the trip started to change directions.. i was seeing all these strange insects scurrying around the floor and i remember screaming and running away.. i also remember hiding in corners and behind furniture crying.. i didnt even know why i was doing that at the time, but at any rate.. after the scariest part of the trip was over, it was just flip flopping from utter and total happiness, to utter and total fright and sadness.. later on the other two people were coming down while i was still tripping.. this was around 6am.. they were falling asleep so i decided to get a drink.. i found a can of coca cola somewhere.. i still dont remember where it came from but at any rate.. i remeber staring at the eccentuated colours thinking "wow this is the most amazing thing ive ever seen" then i thought it would be fun to pour the coke anywhere and everywhere including all over my self and the 2 people asleep.. this was the last thing i remember before falling asleep..

Although my trip was really scary at times i have to say it was the best trip i have ever had ( and up to this day ive had LOTS) i dont know what kind of mushrooms they were but they were far more potent then any other ive done since and i wish i could do them again. well thats my very first trip..i hope you liked reading bout it =o)

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