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My Very First Trip WOW

My friends conviced me to shroom a couple weeks back.

My friends conviced me to shroom a couple weeks back. I ate an eighth it all started about 20 minutes later in my friends dorm room. I noticed the visualization on my friends media player to be extremely awesome...extending passed the screed and coming out at me.
My friend was sitting on the bed next to me and found h is broken headphones and blamed it on my other friend... He said that he thought they twisted...and that it wasn't broken... it was the funniest shit ever at the time. We continued to look at visualizations on my friends computer and on his phone cause he was taking pictures with it and they were so cool.
One of my other friends came into the room who wasn't shrooming... I was getting hit the hardest out of the 4 of us because it was my first time and im skinny. He started talking through a microphone and my other friend was pretending to be saying what was coming out of the speakers and it totally messed with me cause I thought he was saying these things...wow...
Then we went outside...
We went outside and everything looked totally different. I stared at a cigarette cole burning, it looked like a huge glowing mountain and I kept having to put it closer and closer to my eye to get a better, closer look, then my friends took it from me cause I almost stuck the tip in my eye, that would have been bad.
Off to the next world I went...Stepping onto the grass was like going on a journey... I took a step and it felt like I went a mile. I turned around and everything was so far away. Me and my friend who I hung out with the whole time went to the middle of the grass to look at the stars. It felt Like I crossed a body of water or something and was on another land when I got there. The stars were amazing and everytime I looked up I almost fell over. We had fun with this for a while, sitting there staring up and talking about how far away things were and how it felt like we were in a different place from everyone else like we traveled to get there.
We have this big evergreen infront of the dorm, my friend and I went under it to go explore. You could walk around all underneath it...I felt like it was my home, We both did... There was this electrical transistor under the tree too and it looked like an alien intruder in my home. I couldn't stop looking at it... But then we started talking and I started looking at the tree trunk... It really did feel like it was my home... and it was like a christmas tree so we convinced ourselves that we were cristmas tree elves. We stayed there and enjoyed that forever. Then someone came in and intruded into our home... they started peeing against the trunk so we got a stick and chased them out cause you're not allowed to pee in our home.
Stepping out from under the tree felt like leaving a building (our home ) and because we were cold out we went back under the tree to go back "inside" cause it was too cold outside. We eventually left again and went back inside the real building, our dorm. We sat in the lobby as front desk assistant was clueless.
There was an open fire and we sat down next to it....it was so warm and cozy... we then believed that we came into a ski lodge cause we were just outside in a snowball fight....even though it wasn't even snowing outside. We sat in our ski lodge for a while, talking to each other mostly, cause we didn't like hearing other people talk... I kept telling this kid to stop talking cause his teeth were scaring me, he had a million of them in his mouth and it was weird.
The fire was so warm I also believed I was in a clothes dryer, and then someone said I was lint... I closed my eyes and thought I was a tiny piece of lint tumbling in a dryer. Then I looked over at the front desk attendent and thought she was the gatekeeper to hell...cause I really don't like her and she was just that... the devil trying to get us to go to hell... I had to stop lookking over at her cause it was kinda scary...and I wanted to be happy...
I picked up a hard piece of plastic and started rubbing it cause it felt soooo cool. Everyone was looking at me weird.
After I played with that for about a half hour and ate all the food that was offered to me cause i had the munchies I went back up to these girls room and had blast in there as well as the trip slowly ended. The last thing I remember tripping on was this little globe ball that had air bubbles inside... I could see myself in the reflection of the bubbles and thought I was trapped inside the ball..haha

That was the best night of my life

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