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My very first Trip

It was a saturdaynight and me and my friends finally fixed some psilocybe cubensis.

It was a saturdaynight and me and my friends finally fixed some psilocybe cubensis.(We we're tryin' 2 fix those shrooms for about a month ,but no luck.But then that saturday we had it fixed)So we went 2 my friends' house.First we smoked some hasj,then we each ate about 20 gram of psilocybe cubensis.

Then we went outside for some more hasj-smoking.And we didn't had to wait very long for the shrooms to kick in.In about 15 min. we we're all feeling slightly diffirent then being stoned.We went back inside but it was 2 boring,so we went back outside 2 go chill in a park.

Then when we sat there the shrooms really kicked in.And that park was the coolest thing i ever saw.There were soo many tree's and there were lights shining between the tree's.And those lights were changing colours.Then there were some lights of the streets that were turning blue,red,yellow.AWe decided we smoked a cigarette cuz' evrybody says when you trip you gotta smoke a cigarette.That cigarette was also awesome.It was like there was a little ball of fire melted to my hand and i was smokin' from it.

We went back to my friends' house.
Cuz'we wanted to see LOTR : The return of the king.
Now that's a fuckin' tripmovie !
I saw so many cool things.the part where frodo was being chased by that enormous spider was so sick.It was like the spider was rigt in front of me.All the mountains and castles, saw 1 mountain 5 times,and the castled were just fucking trippin.And the orcs or whatever they are,were soooo awesome,and all the fights and wars.They all looked soo real.
Then my 2 friends couldn't take TV anymore and went to chill in a bedroom.

I stayed a while and watched some more TV.This is a trip tip : if you wanna see some really awesome stuff when you're trippin' !WATCH TV!.I saw everybody's face meltin'.
I saw faces meltin' into each other.Also,i was concentrating on the TV when suddenly evrything around the tv went black and breathing.Then without knowing; i turned the TV off for a while.And the curtains started getting patterns and the rooms started breathing.It was sooo fuckin' awesome.And also if i scratched myself ,it was like i was goin' thru' my skin,and evrything i touched it was like i would melt with thatever i was touchin'.

Then i got bored and also went to the bedroom where my 2 friends were.We talked and talked and talked,then we smoked some more.Then we started laughing about evrything,but really hysterical.It was soo much fun.
Suddenly when we just lighted our last one ,my friends' dad came home.It was like paranoia madness.But we all just layed down and chilll TO THE NEXT EPISODE..:-D

But it wasn't certainly the last time,cuz' trippin' is sooo much fun.4 evrybody who hasn't tripped,its da bomb.
:-D :-D

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