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My Very 2nd Time: Pretty Good!

Well, I had done mushrooms once before(and submitted that one too!

Well, I had done mushrooms once before(and submitted that one too!) but this time was different, see where i come from mushrooms don't come around too often and me and my friend had been planning on doing like 5 grams each, now when the mushrooms did come it was at a very bad time, me and my friend only had 10$ each, but we decided to get them anyway, so we bought 4 grams and split them evenly, now since we had them gotten them at school, we decided to eat them at school! During my first class(each class is 40 min) i began to notice simple shapes moving about and colors become brighter, i looked at my friend and he had a big smile on his face just looking around (this was his first time) so during our third class about we had a big final math exam, me and my friend just couldnt concentrate, we just scratched in all the answers and began looking around again, to this day that was the greatest school day of my life. (Never eat your mushrooms before school!) p.s In about 3 days I am about to eat around 5 grams to myself, it will be quite the experience!

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