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my TRIP to the exxon


k. let me start out for apologizing for the shitty spelling and the lack of capital letters....both things take too long to do properly. i'm also sorry for everything i left out, but there's no way that i could include, or even remember it all for that matter. next time i want to have it all recorded so i can play it all back later. well, here goes.

i attend a kickass college in vermont. my room mate is a great guy, and is constantly telling me stories of his tripping experiences. i've always wanted to trip, but i've been working or going to school every day at 8 am since i was 15, so i never really had the time.

so we finally got psyched up the second to last week of classes, and tried to buy some shrooms. this college is insane on weed. at 4:20 pm on 4-20, over half the campus met in front of the library to smoke up. you could smell it across campus! there were cops, but they didn't do a thing! there were camera crews all over the place, interviewing and zooming in on the smokers. this has gone on for the last 5 years without any problems, and without any arrests. needless to say, you can get anything you want delivered to your door in 10 mins. that is everything except for shrooms the second to last week of classes. it was fuckin dry!!! it took us almost 5 days to finaly find someone with shrooms, and i almost cleaned him out by buying a half ounce.

the shrooms were almost all stem, so they were really easy to split up. we got 6 people to go in on it. me(never shroomed), my room mate(CG very chill guy that has done shrooms several times), 2 kids on my hall(Dome, a kinda crazy kid that has done every drug i've ever heard of and Lynch a kid who hadn't done anything other than beer before he got to college, but recently smoked up for his first time), a chick on the floor, and one of my best friends on campus(Whitey, very chill dude that does weed fairly regularly, has done shrooms and acid). my friend had to get up early and go to work, so we decided to eat at 6 pm. we couldn't have picked a better time! it turned out that the chick had more shrooms that she was planning on taking with some other friends, so she waited for them. the rest of us ate, and then went down to the cafeteria to get some real food, because we hadn't eaten all day.

we got down there, and snagged portions of the same foods we had been offered all year, and sat down. by the time we finished eating, i hadn't felt anything. i looked over at lynch though, and he was giggling hardcore, with tears streaming down his face! he leans over to me and says, "i thought they were supposed to take an hour!"

so we went outside and started to hack with my new hemp hack (that turned out to be a great toy later on). the chick's friends eventually showed up, so they all went and ate, and then came back. by the time they had returned, lynch was laughing his ass off, with tears still streaming down his face, laying on a drainage grate that was in the middle of the grass, less than a foot away from where we were hacking. i was waiting for the moment when i was bound to step on his face, but it never came. i found a feather on the ground that looked like it had been ripped off a bird violently. assuming that the bird died, we placed the feather on a plack dedicated to the founder of the school, feeling sorry for the poor bird. so we hacked for like 15 mins, and then decided to walk down to the exxon to get cigarettes. one of the kids i was hacking with gave me a 20 to get him a pack too, we gave john a hand up, and then took off.

the exxon was about a hundred yards from our dorm, so it didn't take that long to get there. by the time we did get there though we were laughing our asses off (me, cg, and whitey. lynch decided to stay at the dorm with dome, and have a few beers), so we had to take a break outside to compose ourselves.

the second i walked in i started to peak, and noticed that all hell had broken loose! the dude working the register was in a wheelchair, an alarm was going off for some reason, and there were a shit load of people in there. the guy working the desk asked someone to go shut off the alarm and asked what i wanted. i had the 20 the other kid gave me, but i wanted a pack too, so i just paid with a 10 out of my own pocket. but i still had the 20 firmly grasped in my hand, and because the dude at the register was so busy, he forgot if i had given him the ten, or if i was waiting to pay with the twenty. he asked if i had given it to him, and i said yes, but he didn't believe me. he gave me the smokes anyway, and i stood back allowing cg and whitey to make their purchases.

the guy at the counter looked over, and i was standing there with a dumb grin on my face, still holding the 20. "you know that feeling you have now? it won't go away for hours....wipe that smile off your face" he said jokingly. at first, i wondered how he knew. he seemed to see right through me and realize that i was tripping sack. it turns out he still thought that i had ripped him off, and was talking about the 20 in my hand, but at the time i tweaked out....only for a second though. i really didn't give a shit what the guy thought. i had paid, and was having too much fun to care what the guy thought.

we got out of the exxon, and started to walk back, when we notice a group of trees on an "island", surrounded by roads, and cars, and drainage ditches. we made a mad dash for it, and discovered the most beautiful place in the entire world.

it turned out to be a row of trees, with a swampy area on one side, and like i said before surrounded by road all the way around. the cars drove clockwise around us, people walked by a stone throw away, but we didn't care. we were sitting on pine needles, in our sanctuary, staring at every little thing. we started to smoke cigs, and began to notice the tracers that followed the embers around. i finally released the death grip i had on the twenty, and it floated beautifully down to the waiting ground. we sat around the 20 in a circle, and watched as it danced for us. the corners bent in and out, and every wrinkle had a life of it's own. as exiting as it was, there was too much for us to experience, so we tore ourselves away from it. whitey had purchased a raspberry iced tea, and we all partook. the liquid hitting my tongue was amazing, and feeling it go down my throat was cool too. the texture of the pine needles, the feel of the gum wrapper who’s contents had somehow made it into my mouth, and the touch of my fellow trippers was amazing. opening a new pack of cigarettes, the pull tab seemed to be smiling at me, understand how much joy i would find under it's foil.

we fell back and stared at the tree limbs that danced above us, puttin on a hell of a show. the wind wasn't blowing, but our minds moved the limbs in patterns that were mind blowing. depth perception slowly disappeared, and seemingly all at once the trees turned into a gigantic webbed dome that protected us from the craziness that was going on around us.

after what felt like an eternity, i looked at my watch, and noticed that it was only 8:20. unfortunately, whitey was supposed to meet a friend at 8:15, so he took off promising to be back in a half an hour. this made us think of the responsibly we had to return to my dorm and get the kid his cigarettes, so we too parted the cropping of trees, and made our way back.

when we got back to the dorms, we couldn't find the kid. he was off on his own trip somewhere enjoying himself, so i gave his friend the pack of smokes and his 20 back. different spots like the stairs where we smoke and our room, and this one corner of our hall turned into doldrums, where things were so interesting, and so beautiful that we didn't want to leave. but the realization that we had to meet back up with whitey would creep into our minds, and we would take off, back to the trees. it took several attempts to finally reach them, but when we did, it was only 20 mins after we had left the first time. and now we had lynch with us, and a soccer ball that i had found in front of the main entrance (that eventually turned into mr. bigglesworth for lynch, who was a huge austin powers fan).

once we were finally sitting in our original positions, we began to make random observations about the beauty of the world around us that we take for granted. weird connections about recent events were also brought up, like how there was a bird in the trees, singer over the bird who's feather we found earlier, that was hit a week ago by lynch's bus driver on the way back to school. cg started talking about elves running through the trees. the ones that parents always seem to see, but the kids can never turn around fast enough to get a glimpse at. it all made sense. there were elves watching over us in the woods, and santa claus was waiting for us at the exxon. always sitting and looking jolly, giving us things, and always knowing what we were up to even though our parents had no clue.

countless days seemed to be spent at the trees. it started off light, and eventually got dark, and after what seemed like forever, i looked at my watch. it was only 10:30! but whitey never came back, and as depressing as it was we were coming down, so we grabbed mr. bigglesworth and the rest of our toys, and headed back to the dorms.

when we got back, we met up with one of the kids that the chick was tripping with, and we chilled and smoked a few butts. now that i look back, i don't remember a moment outside that there wasn't a cigarette pressed firmly between my lips. We went into our room, where lynch put on a fucked up winter cap that was bright pink and green, and picked up a pair of scissors that he wouldn't put down. he got a fairly weird look on his face that tweaked with our straightedge friends that stopped in in to see how we were doing. i remember smelling our room, and thinking how great it was. not necessarily that it smelled good, but that it was home.

after chilling in our room for a bit, and after coming down a lot, but still feeling pretty good, the phone rang. it was whitey, and he had been trying to reach us in our room the entire time we were waiting for him outside. so i grabbed my jacket and went to meet him halfway (he lived on the other side of campus). i was never so happy to see someone in my entire life. whitey's the shit, and i feel really bad that he forgot we were in the trees, and couldn't find us.

turns out the friend he was sposed to meet started calling him a burn out cause he was late. so he told him he couldn't deal, and went back to his room. when he got there, the kids he was supposed to get weed for called him, and started bitching cause he couldn't get any. then he tried for hours to call my room, and even walked over a couple of times. we didn't get back together until he started to come down. sorta pissed bout that. his presence was definitely missed.

when we got back to my room it was trashed!!!! end up that dome stayed here and got too drunk. the entire time we were in the woods, he was in his room spacing out, or in the bathroom staring at himself in the mirror.....he drove himself insane! he ended up coming into my room, staring down one of my straightedge friends, and then fully tensing his muscles, and launching the beer at my wall. scared the piss out of my friend, and soaked my printer, phone, books, clothes, monitor, and too much other shit to name in beer. then he goes, "shhhhh........" and waits for three seconds before walking out of my room and locking himself in his. to top it off, there were munchies everywhere, on top of the filth associated with an average guy dorm room. it looked like hell. all to be put aside and dealt with later, cause i was still feeling pretty good.

so cg, whitey, lynch and i went back down into the woods, laughing at lynch making an ass of himself, till about 1 when it was too cold, and we headed back. once we got to our room, dome came in, still looking fucked up. i asked him about the beer incident, more out of what was running through his head at the time than anything else. he didn't say anything....just turned around, went into the hall, and kicked in our fire extinguisher in a glass and metal case on the wall. sort of shocked, but also amazed at the beautiful sound produced, we put off the cleanup until the morning like the rest of the mess.

it tweaked us out, but we were practically "normal" by then. had any of that happened earlier, i'm sure it would have been bad trips all around. we were all spent, and had slight headaches, and whitey had to get up early the next day, so we all passed out.

i woke up the next day feeling like i was in a scene from fear and loathing in las vegas. the room was a mess, and i was groggy, but was all well worth it. i had the time of my life.

again, sorry for everything left out, and for the connections that made sense at the time, but don't really at the moment. i just had to get everything down that i remembered and share it with you all. you all rock....let's make midland a reality!

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