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My shroomtastic awakening

I just turned 18 and weigh about 130.

I just turned 18 and weigh about 130. I am a male who tried psilocybine mushrooms about a month ago.
I consumed about a gram and a half with orange juice and within about 30 minutes, colors started to seem brighter, I started to feel high but in a sense where, I was anticipating a trip. Music started to seem deeper, and then I felt a bodily high about 20 minutes after that, my head "cracked open" I was more social, I was happier and started thinking about friendships and natural things and premises. I basically fell asleep with my eyes open, zoned out and in ten minutes I looked up at the illuminated TV. I couldn't decipher whether the things on TV were real or not. They started trembling, giving a double sight type feeling, the faces of people started rotating, morphing in and out. Long sentances were skipping, creating scrambled and "skipped CD like" patterns. When I closed my eyes, I could see rainbows of geometric shapes morphing, turning and swirling. My appearance as seen in the mirror looked droopy, wavy, my eyes were black holes. I felt scared and paranoid however, I felt remorse for what I had done to myself, I felt "This isn't me, what was I thinking?" I separated myself from reality at one point truly believing I was in an Emergency room being watched by my loved ones. I thought all the doors in my mind had opened as if I could go down the schizophrenic path, the depressed path, the angry path or the comfortable and relaxed path. All of the above I had strong urges to explore, but I knew damnwell they weren't good for me to play with. I was in wonder of everything around me, my white bedroom door took on a shade of red, my room seemed different from all perspectives. I pissed at least ten times, urinating heavily. I then felt as if I was pissing myself for a good twenty minutes. My genitals were numb. My mouth was opened and time dragggggggged by. I spent a good thirty minutes staring at clocks alone, wondering why they wouldn't change at a moderate speed. I listened to some music, passed right through me, drew some pictures and then my awakening came... Love, love, love, that's all I thought. I can love everything and anything. I want to love someone I want to love all..."All you need is love!" I was determined to change the world for the better, to bring love back to our human behavior as an entity and binder. The next day at school, my so-called opiphone seemed distant and childish.

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