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My second time.

I am 22 and a fat dude.

I am 22 and a fat dude. I really didn't prepare and didn't eat the shrooms with anything. One thing is they taste horrible. I was happy and waiting to take them to start tripping. I recently tried shrooms for the first time. I like them so well, I wanted to try them again. I ate a half of a eighth the first time. So this time I ate a whole eighth. The night started off cool, I started to feel a little trip coming on. Then all of a sudden it come on strong. There were three of my friends and me doing it together. One friend was puking and staying in the corner, one friend was being calm and relaxed, and the other friend was arguing with hisself(lol). We had the lights turned off and a couple of lights going on, and then the lights get turned on. I looked at one friend and he started to move little by little and he was getting blurry like moving fast but he was moving real slow. I would see their faces and they would have two heads talking at the same time and laughing at the same time. They would turn their heads and I would see their faces all over their heads, like they were still looking at me. We were in a hotel, so I walked outside. The busheds had little people in them. I would move and they would copy me. Then I went back inside the room and sat in the floor. Then I laid in the floor and the ceiling started looking water, you know ripples and waves in it. Every time I reach up it started a ripple in the ceiling. I then got up and sat down. I waved at one of my friends and it had a trial that changed colors. I started seeing blue,red,and purple like pixels every time a light flashed( we had some little flashing lights in the room). So I closed my eyes and started seeing faces when I closed my eyes. Sort of like looking into crystal of some sort. Even when I opened them I saw faces. They were smiling at me and then after a few minutes they disapated. Shortly after that, all of a sudden I felt like I was going to die. I kept thinking I was snapping in and out of reality, it was real f**ing trippy. Then I came to. When I started to come down is when I started to see faces and thought I was gonna die. I ate them at like 1:30 at night and tripped untill about 6 am. It was great untill I thought I was gonna die but now that I think about it, it was kinda cool. I would definitely do it again, but not a whole eighth.

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