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My perfect dose

Hi shroomers.

Hi shroomers. Well this was my second time doing shrooms. The first time was so terrible I promised never to do shrooms again! But the finally figured out why it was so bad. It was my first time and I consumed an 1/8th ounce of dried liberty caps. I thought that was a small dose! I got so sick that night and puked and it ruined the whole night. Since then, I have been reading ALOT!! And now I know things that are supposed to happen so I won't get scared. Two days ago I decided to try once more and hopefully get a good result. I got 3 trusting friends together to all do shrooms. We bought 2, 1/8ths which were slightly bigger than regular 1/8ths. We cut up all the shrooms and made tea. We drank the tea and ate the slimy chunks in salad and you couldn't taste them!! I was shocked considering the really bad smell. About 30 mins later we all really started to feel the effects. My first sign was a little light stony feel then about at T+40 mins I was getting the visual. Last time I hated the visuals. All I saw the whole night was a color tinted world. Thats all. It sucked. the minute I knew I was trippin was I was holding my diskman which is a shiny silver color. It was totally breathing and moving and melting itno my hands. I didn't belive in this type of hallucination but I now do!! I was like holy shit!! I looked at my friends hanging ligts and they were bulging and getting bigger, smaller etc. It was so awsome. I loved this part. LAst time I did shrooms I didn't get to play my guitar, this time I braught it. I went and got my guitar and the chord looked like a huge worm. It was screwed up!! I plugged it in and was pretty excited about playing. It was so awsome. I play jazz and I was starting to play licks from a guitarist lenny breau who I listen to non stop. It was awsome. At this time I was suffering from a lot of cunfusiion. So many people were talking. I decided to take a break form playing. There were two people at the house who were just stoned not on schrooms. I was trying my hardest to get EVERYONE to sit down. I was saying, "Tim, sit down you look nervous. John, you too." Finally everyone was sitting down wondering why I asked them to. It was just too confusing having everyone doing different things. suddenlt I stareted laugh sooo hard. His cat was sitting in a chair too like all of us. That set up this huge mind trip that the cat was so smart. The trippiest thing I think of the evening was when My friend pured a whole bunch of fish food in his hude fish tank and the fish were surrounded in food and eating the the music of pink floyd which was plkaying. It was too much!! Anyways I gott go this is getting long. All I say is tea it the way to go if you don't want stomache distress. Later.


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