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My night in Reno

The day started great- I had incredible "good bye" sex with a beautiful woman, I went for a 70 minute run, and I got an ounce of shrooms for a decent price.

The day started great- I had incredible "good bye" sex with a beautiful woman, I went for a 70 minute run, and I got an ounce of shrooms for a decent price. I was on my way to gorgeous rocky Colorado.
On the 80E I got hungry. I puled over at a gas station and got a turkey sandwich from a lady who smelled like cigarettes. As I was pumping gas- my shrooms began staring me in the face. I thought, "I've never had mushrooms with turkey!" So i put a couple caps and a coup stems in my sand which and was on my way. I started blaring my music, singing at the top of my lungs, and the road lights began to twinkle- i was high.
I started to check my mirrors to make sure there were no cops on the road. Over and over again. I started checking my speedometer incessantly. The lines on th road began to wave. I was starting to trip harder than i thought. I decided to get off at the next stop and let myself trip. I never felt scared just invigorated. The next stop happened to be Reno- "the biggest little city in the world." I went to look for a motel-everything was booked a year in advance due to a volley ball tournament. I parked my car at a gas station and decided to wander the midnight streets of Reno. It was intense!
The lights were magnificent but all the people seemed like they were about to throw jizz at me. I didn't realize how seedy of a town Reno was at midnight on shrooms. I ran back to my car freaked the fuck out. I asked for directions to get back on the 80E, it was down the street, i drove to the intersection and hit the brakes as the light turned red, and a car missed my hood by a foot. I thought, "that was close." It was too close because when i raised my head i realized there was a cop car in my rear view mirror.
I prayed to God, "Please don't let this cop follow me, please don;t let this cop follow me. The light turned green I drove through the intersection (SIREN).Flashing lights that seemed like they were made of waves. I looked in my mirror- my pupils were th size of dinner plates. I couldn't stop sweating. The cop flashed his light right in my face, "What were you doin' ya almost got hammer headed?"
(I didn't know what the hell hammer headed was which made more confusion)
"There's..a volley ball ...tournament..and there's no vacancy..anywhere..i just want to get to the 80 E.." I blurted.
"License and registration"
It then dawned on me, my car was not insured- i forgot to take care of it before i left. He didn't ask for it but I was sure he was going to find out by looking it up. He went back to his car, I kept sweating, thinking about the shrooms in the trunk, no insurance and picturing myself getting prison bitched by some smelly guy in a reno holding cell. I pleaded with God.
"Please not now, please not now, please not now, please not now."I repeated tenderly like Bart Simpson when he pleaded for his soul back. The cop returned," I'm going to have to right u a citation the 80 E is right in front of you. Be careful for drunk drivers."
"Thank you officer, Thank you!"I was never so happy for a ticket in my life. I drove off- my nerves were shot- I pulled over to the side of the empty highway and screamed at the stars...

I then drove to a gas station- ate a quart of Cherry Garcia and a Cinnabun and passed out in a rocking chair watching FOX news.

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