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My Mushroom Trip

This was my third time eating mushrooms, and obviously the most intense experience.

This was my third time eating mushrooms, and obviously the most intense experience. Most of my trip was pretty much indescribable, there are not words to explain some of the things that went on. Also everything was extremely hard for me to comprehend and understand fully, so I'll try my best while writing this.

Some information about myself, I'm 17 just about to turn 18, i weigh about 150 pounds, and i am male.

It was Friday night and i was waiting for my friend who i was going to eat them with to get off of work. I was chilling at my other friends house with some people playing music and smoking some herb. I smoke a lot of herb and that day wasn't an exception. I get out of school at 11:45 a.m., so i had been smoking all day.

I met My friend, lets call him J, back at his house. We didn't consume them until around 1 in the morning. I think that had something to do with the way my trip turned out. My body was tired and telling me to go to sleep, but the drugs were telling me to trip really hard. I was anxious, eager, and slightly nervous. We ate around 3 grams each, mostly nice meaty caps. Both of us ate them plain, they didn't taste bad, my friend told me he'd eat them as a snack. We then went out to his car to smoke some herb, and smoked about a 2 bowls of the good stuff before we had enough.

On the way back, which was maybe 20 minutes after we ate them, i started to feel it. Once inside his house we were just sitting on the couch laughing and just looking around. We tried to pack a bowl but the bubbler was clogged, strangely we didn't have the ability to solve this problem. Instead we decided to watch the movie Troy. The actors seemed as if they were messing with me. It seemed like they were joking around with each other and i thought i was the joke. I was getting angry because i just didn't understand. After watching for a few more minutes i got really annoyed and i just couldn't take it anymore.

We then moved into his room i was laying on a mattress which pulls out from under his bed. Guns went off on the TV which frightened me a great deal, so i turned it off. By this time i had strong hallucinations. Everything was seemed to be a hallucination, it was sometimes unbearable to look at things. There was a small mirror across the room, i had to lay down flat because it strange to look at. When looking at the TV i could see really intense visuals like things 'coming alive'. Things were twisting and turning and appeared to be 'wet'. The entire night i had mixed feelings about the TV, I'd hate it one second then love it the next. So all night it went on, off, on, off, on...

At this point i was pretty sloppy, i just laid there for what felt like an eternity. Iron chef was on which i thought was really cool. But it was hard to watch because of the hallucinations i saw on the TV so i just listened. Everything that came out of the TV influenced my thought patterns. It is hard to recall exactly what i mean by that, maybe some of you know what I'm talking about.

At around 5 in the morning i look up and the TV and golf is on, great... But it turned out to be the weirdest moment of my trip. The golfer turned around and it seemed as if he was speaking to me, so what do i do? I talk to him too. Then a lady was interviewing him and he crossed his arms, leaned back, and started talking about the craziest most random crap. I was hearing something other than what he was actually saying. His voice would speed up than slow down. I just sat up and got closer in disbelief, staring at the screen wondering what just happened.

I also had insane auditory hallucinations. Constantly i heard people whispering, from all directions. I think my friend had the same effect because i heard him yell out "make them shut up!" Communicating became near impossible, J and I tried to talk to each other but only expelled 4 words sentences that neither of us could make any sense of. That was a strange feeling but i wasn't concerned. I remember telling him "you better watch it" then i thought, what am i saying hes my friend, and i felt really terrible about it.

One feeling i recall having is the sense of being a blob, or a flowing liquid like substance kind of like lava. I would form to my thoughts and surroundings, it didn't last long, a few minutes later my mind moved on into another experience.

J fell asleep although he says he didn't, i knew because he was snoring. He would give a really loud SNOOORT from time to time while snoring, this really freaked me out. I couldn't fall asleep, the feelings were to intense. So fidgeted around all night with confusing thoughts. Many of my thoughts were about certain things in my life that weren't going as smoothly as they could be. I made sure i did not dwell on them though, i had somewhat control over my thoughts

While laying there i would look around trying to find the clock from time to time. It was very hard to find things around the room which I should have known where they were. Time moved slow, especially at the beginning of my trip. Towards the end i would slip into a state of mind which i was not asleep but not fully aware of my surroundings. That accelerated the time.

Things didn't return to normal until 8:30-9:00 the next morning. I felt out of it, and a very tired, but nothing terrible. When i ate a hit of acid i had a rough next day although that trip was not nearly as intense.

It was a good trip, although at times it could have easily gone sour. What i suggest to people who are contemplating whether or not they should eat these things, only do it if u think your ready for them. They aren't a joke and should be used with care. Don't overdo yourself because then the experience won't be enjoyable, and what will it be worth. Things will happen that you won't understand, but dint try to comprehend it all, just accept it. It will be a test for your mind and body. Remember that its not real and that you are on drugs. Also take what you gain from the experience, use it to adjust your lifestyle for the better. Don't be ignorant to the things it opens your mind to.

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