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my mind is trembling

hi, very new to the shrooming world well, here's my story a few months back a few buddies and myslef jumped head first into an experience that we knew little or nothing about.

hi, very new to the shrooming world well, here's my story a few months back a few buddies and myslef jumped head first into an experience that we knew little or nothing about. The four of us purchased four 8ths of dry mushrooms. As soon as the baggies hit our hands we started to consume them. We ate some waited smoke some weed smoked some mushrooms waited somemore. I started to think that we had be tricked and bought phony mushrooms. I decided to take a ride to the store. While riding in one of friends cars who was not a mushrooms my stomach begun to turn in knots but I wasn't worried because i heard it makes your stomach hurt. Now, that was happening i began to explore my surrondings when from the corner of my eye the brightest green color i had ever seen appeared. I began to steer at the top to my orange juice the cap stood out among everything in the car. Inside my head I could not believe what was happening I turned to my friend and said "gio I think these are working". He gave me a laugh and we continued to our safe spot no parents, no problems right. Wrong! when returning to the apartment three Chicago police officers were coming down the stairs. This well known party house was raided. I let the police officers pass me and continued on the mile long journey up the stairs which seemed like forever. When entering the apartment I was greeted by a bugged eyed migo he sat and smiled at me for a few seconds and slowly uttered do you feel weird not knowing exactly what that meant. I skipped away like pre-school student in front room the music bleered and sounded like streeking birds I quickly turned it off. Sat on the couch and watched my friends how havn't felt the effects yet. Next to me was a close friend the birdman it's a nickname i'm not one of those kids who say they saw kermit the frog or whatever we sat together talkeabout life and how that if we think about it we could do almost anything we wanted and for some reason the carpet moved like waves beneath us. Thats where I spent most of my time watching the stains on the carpet open and close like rain on a lake. Slowly changing colors pink,purple, it looked sometimes like sand or like in a growing motion. The bent inward towards the red and white of the curtains were black and white. Any female that was there talked really fast and the words didn't match their lips like chinese kung fu movies. The colors in the "paint room" as we called it bent and pulsed like a heartbeat. In the corners of my eyes I had what I like to call static anything that i looked at from the corner of my eyes looked like water paints. For some reason I decided to close my eyes maybe because I was getting a little nervous because it seemed to me that I could never stop seeing things. Not knowing you could have closed eyed visuals the normal black blotches i seen a thousands times before spun like slot my machine reels. which for some reason i thought was really really funny i broke out in a uncontrolable laughter which seemed everyone caught at the same moment I laughed untill i had to pee. After finishing peeing a felt like ipissed all over myslef for at least twenty mintues i asked everyone there if i pissed on myslef. The night strecthed on and on not knowing if i was at the peek when i felt the need to break down and cry i sobbed for no reason now being comforted by a bunch shroomed out best friends i felt connected to these kids like never before. If i had the shrooms i would no doubt do them again.

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