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my mind is the music

so me and my buddys all take shrooms and go on an adventure through some back roads that no one travels on.

so me and my buddys all take shrooms and go on an adventure through some back roads that no one travels on. our first stop was to a look out tower that was nothing short of amazing. we all went to the top and just stood there while trippin looking off into the darkness of night. i looked over at one of my friends who i appeared to me as a ghost. black face, with a black outline of a body. no features whatsoever. when i mentioned what i was seeing to my friends they all began to see the same thing in every one of us and the madness began. we all started freeking out and just laighing and messing around. after the look out tower we took a drive to another spot in the woods and this is where the music took a hold of my mind. we had techno turned up very loud and i lost all control of my body. all i could hear and understand was the music. it began coursing through my head and it was like nothing i have ever heard before. the music was simply brilliant. when we arrived at the spot in the woods i experienced the most amazing thing i ever have in my life. we all got out of his car and found ourselfs standing in a feild of ferns about 3 feet tall. we walked into the middle of this feild and chilled for god knows how long. when i looked down i could not see anything from my knees up. it felt as if i was part of the ground. like my legs were growing out of the ground. awsome. after standing for a while i wipped out my bowl and began smoking. the next thing i knew all of my friends were no where to be seen. i looked at the ground and saw 4 dead bodies with ferns growing up through each all of there bodies. my buddys were laying on the ground and was like nothing i have ever seen before. after this i turned on my ipod and listened to it for hours. it was ridiculous to say the least. the trip was awsome and cant wait to do it again

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