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bathroom tiles

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It was about three or four months ago,so its hard to remember much.
But it was a good trip so it needs to be mentioned.It was about 2 grams
of some Kohsamui strain.If you tried koh samui,you know its quite
potent. I did see 3D closed eyes visuals,but it was more of a level two.
Took my shrooms with doritos and coca cola.Went into bathroom to shit.
15 min later my forehead begins to sweat and the bathroom tiles slowly
spin. "Oh shit!", i think. I didnt want to start tripping in a stinky
bathroom taking a shit. 5 min later i finish and spray the room FULL of
air freshener. I walk to the living room and look atthe TV. Its like i can
see invisible electric air particles floating everywhere.I walk on to the
porch and the wind blows against my arm and i couldn't help but smile i
felt sooooo good.i walk in my room and its dark.i see shadows and
theylook like pulsing barcodes.The sky outside looks RED but its really
navy blue.thats all i really remember.

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