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My Logic Says Burn

We decided Saturday would be the day to take the shrooms.

We decided Saturday would be the day to take the shrooms. Dave cleaned up the house, saying that Feng Shui was really important during that time. No one wanted to be hypnotized by any dust bunnies that night. I had been fasting for about three days, nothing but cup-o-couscous on Thursday (right before dancing at NEO’s. THAT was interesting...), a banana on Friday, and nothing but water on Saturday. Not technically really fasting, I know, but it was as close as I wanted to manage that day.

I took two and a half grams of psilocybin cubenis at about seven PM. Al had decided to bow out for the evening, which left Aerie, Dave, and I. Aerie was still undecided, since she was still slightly anxious about it. Dave and her smoked up to calm the nerves while I sat on the exercise bike waiting for it to kick in. The house filled up pretty quickly. Alia, Aerie’s sister, slid into the room in a grand entrance while Gentry walked in from the distance of the hallway. I noticed a slight exaggeration in space when I looked out of the room into the hallway, as it stretched for years. It was about 7:45 when I walked back into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice, as my throat was catching again.

By the time I got back upstairs, it went past the “I wonder if they’re working?” stage. I went to my room and popped in Peter Gabriel’s Passion, dancing while holding the blue glass with floral prints. I picked up this willow tree branch I had picked up from my walk on the Nature Trail by my parent’s house that afternoon. The branch became an extension of my arm as I vibrated it in time to the Indian chanting, it’s three prongs whipping around like a scorpion tail. Aerie and Dave walked by and asked how things were going and I replied fine. By this point, I was getting sucked into the decorations on my room. Oscar Wilde’s eyes began following me and the Indian print Sarong that my mom gave me was swimming in red and yellow patterns across my bed. I had to remind myself that my hand was actually my own- despite the fact that the twig was rapidly turning into my tail. I figured I would try some CEV’s, so I turned the music low and went into my closet after shutting all the doors and the lights. A midnight blue landscape stretched out in front of me as I closed my eyes. Lighting flashed and I could see a rattlesnake flickering on the right side of my vision, it’s eyes flashing red in time with the lightning. It turned towards me and hissed. At that point I promptly said “fuck”, got up, and walked out of the room.

I went up to the attic, where Dave and Aerie had located themselves and set up the lighting along with their recording gear. Aerie said she needed music, so I ran downstairs to get Peter Gabriel again- and started it up on the same track where I left off. Dave and Aerie began to feel it kick in by this point (it was eight or so), and I closed my eyes once more. This time the landscape was yellow and green kaleidoscope patterns dancing across my vision. A three-tailed salamander darted across the vista and I looked to my right, where a purple and yellow monkey-scorpion scuttled across the floor. It’s tail fanned out and opened like a switchblade in response to the skull sitting in the corner. I opened my eyes once the skull looked at me and kind of shivered. The CEV’s were a little too intense for me right now. At this point I decided to follow Dave down to the living room while Aerie colored.

I kept moving my tail around with flicks of my right hand, testing the air below me. Gentry sat playing Gauntlet and swearing at the TV, meanwhile Alia was downing whiskey sours in the kitchen. I started to eat her ice, which fascinated me to no end and annoyed her to now end. The water dripping down my hand turned into jelly and made my hand more liquid than it already was. I could feel molecules shaving off in my mouth as I rolled the ice cubes across my tongue. SOMEHOW, Dave ordered a pizza and Aerie came downstairs- feeling anxious at being alone in the attic. Alia moved towards my tail and I recoiled. She smirked and said “So if I take that stick I can decapitate you?” Her eyes widened as she realized the tripping faux pas “um... shit, I mean”- but by that time Aerie and I had already hauled ass out of that kitchen.

Aerie curled up with Dave on the couch under a blanket and I curled up next to her. It was of course at THAT moment that Dave asked if Gentry had cut the bad guy’s head off yet. Aerie and I didn’t react well to that, but that moment passed quickly enough as we got lost in the colors of the video game and G’s swearing at the screen. It seemed so absurd that someone was sitting here and cussing out a series of pixels on a TV. The characters strobed and certain pixels became enlarged as it flipped across the screen. Around the time the pizza had shown up I had shed my tail and taken the blanket as a security token, enjoying how it melted around me. Serious trails appeared and visual and sonic cues started fanning out like one of those color fans you find in hardware stores. Then David Bowie began. We popped in Hunky Dory, which took about fifteen minutes to figure out the CD player. Once Changes started up though, I began singing at the top of my lungs and becoming the dancing queen that I can turn into. The CD case began multiplying and the cover spread out Andy Warhol style across the back. I looking over to some gold plates hanging on the wall and watched them float out across the wall as it breathed in and out. Soon, gold plates began to appear everywhere I wanted to sit- so instead I sat next to Aerie as she colored. I turned five again, asking for someone (mostly Aerie) to come with me into the kitchen to get more ice. I did that about five times, getting water all over the blanket and watching my abandoned tail vibrate along the undulating floor. Aerie and I had a discussion about the eye she was working on, as it morphed into an octopus. I kept telling her to finish the eye by putting the dot in the center and she kept saying she wasn’t ready. At this point, Alia took out her stress ball, shaped in the world. Our eyes lit up with joy as the green and blue squishy ball pulsated in our hands. Then Lee showed up. I stood up and continued to dance like mad to David Bowie and watch them eating pizza. At one point I sat turned back to the TV and saw three men in orange walking across a white landscape, it strobed in photo negative once and turned into monkeys caged in a zoo- which really disturbed me. As I at back down, Al showed up and turned off the TV as he grooved out to the Grateful Dead CD that saw fit to pop up in the CD player. We all moved up to the attic again, which is fine- since I honestly don’t like the dead much (blasphemy I know).

After a quick stop to pick up Bowie’s Space Oddity (which was interesting in itself since the stairs were glowing neon green like Tron), the drunks went to the blue side of the room and the tripping people sat on the red side. David Bowie’s voice rang out and I reached to the sky as I madly tapped beats on my legs with fractal hand motions. Ground Control To Major Tom belted out and the takeoff reached astronomical heights. After Space Oddity, Dave popped in Man Who Sold The World- which took it to another level. I don’t remember how, but everyone eventually filtered downstairs leaving only Aerie and I.

THEN the peak hit. There was an ego switch of sorts as Aerie and I switched motifs, she became the writer and I became the musician. The fictions and traits that we wear out into the world melted off, rolled across the floor, and attached itself to the other person. The ego was still there, but it was attached to her now. Our sentences flowed together and we finished one another’s thoughts before it was even said. I took her guitar and saw an organic plug on top of it, pulsing with a pink glow. I warily plugged it into my belly button and began hitting strings and drumming on top of it as Bowie said; “My logic says burn so send me away.” The music coalesced inside and rotated in multiple balls of energy. I looked to Aerie as she wrote like mad and drew like mad. For second I saw THROUGH her. Her circulatory system breathed to the surface and I watched her heart beat with a warm red glow. At one point I was determined to communicate to her one of the letters that I was convinced I saw on the other side. It was a symbol, a linguistic construct that explains a process beyond the human’s normal conception. On of the letters and motifs that appears in my dreams and trips that resonates. And SHE GOT IT. I actually managed to have her stare at the alien letter and see it. I still don’t know what it means, but now I’m at least more convinced that it does exist and reality is based language.

Everything after that was denouement. People filtered upstairs again, and Dave recommended smoking up to cushion the descent. I agreed and ended up fading to the other side of the room, watching my shadow trace patterns against the wall. I got frustrated trying to manipulate to images that were fading. I tried to make the stuffed lizard lunge towards me, but it stayed stubbornly still. I tried to shake hands with my shadow and it refused to move off the wall. I closed my eyes and saw a hazy visual of a man with five mouths. Time distortion was still at play, but less frequent. I went to bed at around three.

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