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My life has been changed, FOREVER!

I tripped on shrooms for the first time Sunday night.

I tripped on shrooms for the first time Sunday night. It was amazing. I feel much more aware of everything that's going on. I looked at Sacred Mirrors by Alex Grey (the man's a genius!) before i was trippin because i wanted to know what the big deal was and i didn't get it. Later, i looked at it and every little detail was popping out at me. It was so incredible. It's really cool if you lay on the floor with other people who are trippin and make sure your heads are touching. My friends and I took turns seeing what color everyone's enery was. It was so awesome to be able to touch someone and see what color their energy was. The house where we were had stucco on the ceiling and if you looked at it, it seemed like it was a whole other dimension. It looked like stars were floating through the air. Then, these figures started appearing. I saw a family sitting together on a couch and it just kept changing every few seconds. As I peaked, I saw people with very defined faces in robes in the ceiling- my friend saw them, too. My friends and I also took a trip out to the woods and we saw a miniture forest within the woods. It was raining outside so the light reflecting off of the trees made it look like a little city. When we went back inside, we smoked a bowl and that got my trip going again. We went downstairs to the basement, put a CD in, and just let the visions start coming. This time I saw figures with eyes popping out of their heads. One song started playing and it produced some very scary images. It was the best night of my life.

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