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My Kilo

Ever since my first trip I have been in love with mushrooms, and from that frist trip onwards I always swore I would buy a kilo of these delicases one day.

Ever since my first trip I have been in love with mushrooms, and from that frist trip onwards I always swore I would buy a kilo of these delicases one day. Only a few weeks ago I finally got my first kilo wich was the best investment I have ever made. before buying my kilo I had only tried 2 kinds of mushrooms, Liberty caps ( grow in Scotland) and mexicans whch I bought a few times. The Liberty caps were harder to come across because you have to pick them yourself but the effort was worth it because when you find one you usually find thousands, but this time I decided to go for a change and I bought a kilo of columbians. Columbians seem to produce stronger visuas and less of a body stone but i found them more pleasuable.

On the day they arrived in the post i instantly burst the packaging open and weighed out an ounce, I then began drying them out because as much as I love the effects of mushrooms actually comsuming them is a real effort for me. the next day when I had finished work I rushed home as fast as I could in my desperation to try my purchase. i met up with a friend who had never tried mushrooms before and was willing to eat them wet so I weiched out 15 grams for him and I eat the ounce. We sat around smoking a little bit and stuff to settle our stomaches back down after eating them and about half an hour later we decided to go to his house. As soon as I stood up I knew the mushrooms were working I got lightheaded and dizzy for a minute then my vision began to blur and I felt giggly, I quickly left my house and began the walkk 2 his which had never been so intresting before, the trees looked like they were people and there was rainbows streaming from every lampost we passed. When we reached his flat we were in fits of giggles at how wasted we were already and my friend was in complete disbeleif that he was only trying mushrooms for the first time @ 19. We then decided to try and play pool because the balls were looking really big and bright, so I put some Beatles on and he set up the balls, ppol seemed like a good idea for the first few minutes because the balls looked cool with trails coming off them but we soon lost intrest due to our inability to hit them.we then decided to watch Who framed Roger Rabbit, which was one of the strangest expiriences of my life because after about 20 mins no matter what i done i kept on seeing different cartoon charecters walking past me every now and then and that continued for the rest of the trip. After a few hours of tripping and just generally messing around we decided we would go back to mine and eat more mushrooms because we were having so much fun and just wanted to keep on tripping. By the time we got the mushrooms we were also starting to hit the munchies so this was a good way to kill 2 birds wifh one stone. I made a pizza and eat another half ounce on that while my friend, who had been talking about chocolate for the last hour or so decided to eat his mushrooms on some toast with chocolate spread, which we both found ourselves laughing at so loud I woke up the rest of my house. Sudenly my trip wasnt so much fun anymore, I was standing there half way through eating my special pizza when my mum came charging in just woken up and extremely pissed off. She started complaining about the noise and I just froze, while my mum was standing there giving me hell I was tryng not to whimper to loud and stand there although all I could see was the evil guy from Roger Rabbit which was not pleasant as that guy has scared me stiff ever since I was a little boy. When she left to go back to her bed I was white as a sheet and sweating badly, We went up to my room after that and after a few more joints and a few tunes to chill us out e had another few hours of heavy tripping and good fun .

That trip was the first of many good days my kilo has brought me and my friends but that first day must probably be the strongest and best trip Ive ever had because during it i seemed to expirience so many different thoughts and feelings, both good and bad and definetly made columbians my no.1 mushroom

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