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My interesting 4th of July

Alright, this is what happened to me on the 4th of July from what I can remember, there are several gaps in the night where I dont remember anything.

Alright, this is what happened to me on the 4th of July from what I can remember, there are several gaps in the night where I dont remember anything.

The night started at my place with me, my girlfriend and four of my friends, the ones who got me into shrooms. We had went hunting the night before & we distributed the mushrooms that we found, everyone getting an equal amount of six mushrooms. I ate mine with some soda and my girlfriend gave me some of what she couldnt eat (she doesnt trip as much because she cant stand the taste). Afterwards we sat around and smoked some weed and just chilled until nightime when we could pop some fireworks.

After awhile I felt as if I was very stoned. I was sitting at the computer listening to music and watching the swirling designs that come on my music program. I began to see a doorway then a bridge form in the design and come out of the computer. I probably stared at that for atleast an hour until I got up and fell into a chair then stared at my ceiling as the tiles swirled around and seemed to turn into what I can only describe as fish scales. My girlfriend came back with some more fireworks and I spent alot of my time in that chair.

I began to zone out and it seemed that reality melted away. I dont remember closing my eyes, but the world that I was in just disappeared and it was like I was in another dimension, I was flying through clouds with castles in them and all kinds of magical things that I've never imagined sober. That went on for some time, but I dont know, because by then the time schedule that the world goes by didnt matter to me, I didnt notice the difference between a minute or an hour. I would go outside every now and then just to look (it was night at this time). I didnt like to leave the house for too long because I felt like it was my own protective womb where I would be safe. Well, my friends were popping off fireworks (hhhmmm fireworks in city limits AND mushrooms).

For some stupid reason we decided to go look for a better place to shoot them off since there were alot of trees near my house. We walked down my road and one of my buddies lit one and threw it into the air....then... it flew directly at someone's house and exploded. Well, we just ran back to my place and were laughing uncontrollably. After lighting the fireworks in the yard for awhile my girlfriend and I decided to go get somethin to eat so we drove to McDonalds.

I dont know how long we were gone but when we came back my friends told us that the cops came, put one of them in handcuffs & threatened to arrest him. I cant imagine what the cops were thinking...a house with four people, none of them the person who lived there, all of them under 21, one of them under 18, and not to mention there was weed and beer in plain sight and all of them were tripping. I dont know why the cops didnt arrest everyone, althought Im extremely glad they didnt. Soooooo.....we decided to call it a night. My girlfriend followed my friends to their house while she was holding the beer AND weed on her (I dont know why).

Okay, so now I'm alone and I'm freakin out because I think the cops are going to come back (I was ALSO on probation). I keep walkin around my house with all the lights off. I'm looking through ALL the cabinets and shellves...for what? I have no idea...I didnt even know at the time, I was just looking. I kept looking out my door and through the window, expecting the cops to come by, I was so paranoid. I've never tweaked, but Id imagine this is what it may be like. I was moving around the WHOLE time, going thru the rooms, looking outside, searching my house for some unknown treasure. I finally crawled into my bed, covered up and waited for my girlfriend to come home. When she finally showed up I went to sleep. So thats it, my most extreme trip to date...but maybe I'll be writing another report soon....possibly about tonight....

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