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My friend looked like a giant!

This was the last time i tripped trips i have been doing shrooms since the last season...

This was the last time i tripped trips i have been doing shrooms since the last season so it was nearly a year since my first time me and a friend caught the train up to the city so we could get some mushrooms (at this time mushrooms were leagal to buy in england) i bought myself 30grams for a 10 spot and caught the train back when we bumped into a couple of other mates we started chatting about the shrooms and one of the other mates told mark (the one who was going to do them with me) about when he tried them (with me) and had a bad trip (we ended up walking round town allday) and the bugger scared him out of it so i had to find someone else to do them with me derrik had done them before and i persuaded em to have another go.

We got to my house i took the foriegn shrooms and cut them up into tiny little bits and split it into 2 portions then put them into a coffee.
We decided to go out to the arcade as we thought the colours and sounds might be exciting but they were just annoying i started too feel very uncunfortable and got me and my friend to leave.
we went into town and things got a bit more fun i felt indestructable and just sat there for ages just staring at the flowerbeds wich were getting bigger and smaller streching and contracting then this pissed up girl came up to me holding out something in her hands as i looked i saw her hands were covered in blood only for a second but it still spun me out we decided to go back and do the rest (we saved a little bit just incase) after we done the rest we went back out we were sat on this bench for what seemed hours i didnt feel as tho i was tripping i definately wasnt seeing anything i just had a strange feeling of wanting something to happen so we decided to go round a mates and have a bit of a smoke when we got there i was excited to find that we were going into my mates attic which he had turned into the most wicked little smoking room.

it had been about 20-30 mins since we started smoking we were doing pot shotties so i was starting to get a bit chilled out and tired then the mushrooms kicked in again with more force than the first brew had done hours ago.
i was staring at my mate (who was gurning his tits off on half a gram of mdma) then all of a sudden he began morphing getting bigger and closer everytime i looked, this was worrying me and thoughts of mental diseases came rushing through my head i thought to myself i might be like this forever then my friends began making strange movements i could see their arms moving about their legs kicking round their heads shaking but they were all sitting still i leant back to try to come to terms with this new reality this is when i beacame caught up staring at the carpet it was black patterned with white hairs all over it i could see the hairs swimming about making patterns and shapes plus i could see the actual pattern lifting off the carpet hovering above it i told my mates that i was a bit spun out and we all decided to go out.
the last things i remember from there is walking round watching everyones legs dancing about as they walked i dont remember getting home all i know is that i havnt been right since i have done mushrooms quite a few times now but none of them got like this i have had a very bad trip before but this one left me paranoid its been something like 2 months since but everything is still trippy and i have different personality before this last trip i had nearly given up pot but now i am smoking everyday again and feel a need for it plus everytime i do smoke the stuff i get thrown back into that strange scary state of reality

i am really dissapointed this happened to me as most of my other trips have been amazing (ive seen the sea turn into to sand) but its soon coming up mushroom season again and im in two minds wether or not to do them again.
if i do i wont be smoking aswell.

oh and im only 16 but i think some of the other reports on here are quite stupid.
Magic mushrooms are drugs that mess with your head like LSD theyre not a gateway to god or a spiritual device they are for getting mashed on not for talking to ghosts with!

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