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My Frend Phil ocybin

After work one fryday night I got picked up by my friends JW and B.

After work one fryday night I got picked up by my friends JW and B. We cruised around for a bit while they did some business and then we stopped by the local hangout. I met my other friend there ,JH. She said that I could tell my parents that I was going to stay at her house so we could all go party. B had met his friend P also.So we all decided to go out to a park that has some trails. I went with B, JW went with P and JH went in her car. We stopped at a gas station to get smokes then B and I stopped at Another J's house to pick him up. We then went to the park. It was about 9:30 at night. Then we started to dose in the parking lot while wating for J. Everyone there had a pretty thumpn' system so we listened to that. Grateful Dead in one car Snoop Dogg in another. I ate an eight of shrooms with lots of caps. they were dried and it looked like a mixture of mostly LBM's (little brown mushies) and one larger one. I also ate two sugar cubes that had three drops of LSD each. My friend JW ate an eight of shrooms and two sugar cubes. JH had one sugar cube and a couple of caps and P had the same. J had arrived with this one chick, (who's name also starts with J) B ate a dime of shrooms and between him and J and J's chick the ate two blotter tabs of LSD, one geltab (LSD) and probably some more sugarcubes. We then sat around and toked a couple bowls. Then we went walking on the trail. We also toked some more as we walked. We walked for about ten min. until we got to a bench next to a stream. It was 10:00. We sat there and smoked some more weed. Then everything started kicking in. P and JW were sitting in the grass howling and the rest of us were sitting on the bench. Then the guys (J, JW, B and P) ran off in the woods and came back 5 min later yelling that they saw a dead guy or something but we didn't tweak out 'cause we knew they were just trippin'. Then we all started watching the stars. We saw about three or four shooting stars. Then we decided to walk back to the car. I think it was about 10:30. The walk back was wicked. First of all We were in the woods in the dark with no flashlights, only lighters. So We got lost a couple of times then we had to cross over a bridge. That was freaky. J's chick kept stepping up cause she thought it had stairs. But there wasn't .The rest of the time it seemed like we were walking up 60 degree slope, I got so tired. The cedar mulch on the trail looked cool in the moonlight. It looked like there were lots of joints just laying on the ground. We fooled J's Chick into thinking we had a blunt. J lit the end and passed it. I didn't know they were tricking her so I walked up expecting to get a hit. But I was dissapointed. Then We got back to the parking lot. Then P ralized he had dropped his keys down by the bench. So everyone but me and B jumped in and on JH's car and they drove back down the trail. B and I jumped in his car and started doing figure eights in the dirt parking lot. It got so dusty we couldn't even see. I was getting wicked visuals that blocked the entire windshield ans I couldn't even see. Then B started tweakin' out so we parked the car and got out. Then the others got back. JH stopped so quickly that J rolled off the roof of her car. But they had found P's keys. We then decided to go to P's house because he had to be home before eleven. (He's on the ankle braclet) It was like quarter to eleven so we all left. J drove his chick home and JH went to taco johns. P and JW went to P's house and so did me and B. On the way there we had to stop. B got out of the car and went around it with his lighter on because he was checking if his tires were still there because he thought we were floating. I was still getting mad visuals and they were so intense that I couldn't see very well and stuck my head out the window to see better. We kept driving to P's house at about 60 mph. But both me and B thught we were floating. We also saw some kids walking on both sides of the road out in the country and I though it was our friends so we slowed down and I stuck my head out the window but then I realized I didn't know them so I was like " What the F**K" And we pulled away quickly. We finally got to P's and parked We sat in the dark in his garage and smoked some cigs. All his lawn chaisr were fucked up and some were broken. Mine just kept getting lower and lower to the ground on one side. B fell through the seat of his chair. It was just me, B ,JW , P and P's brother. Me , jw and B were still trippen. Then JH showed up at around quarter to 12:00. ME and her went to her house and B and JW went to find J. We watched some movies at her house until the guys showed up with J. They stayed for awhile and then left to get breakfast at McD's. Jh and I stayed up until like 4:30 or so then went to sleep. What a Trip! Thanx to my friends Phil - ocybin , 'Cidney and good old Mary Jane.
The Chameleon.

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