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my freak out

me and two of my friends decided to go camping last weekend on this huge cliff.

me and two of my friends decided to go camping last weekend on this huge cliff. i had decided that i was going to trip for the first time so i got a half 1/8 of some really fuckin good shrooms.the other 2 guys each got about a twenty of kind bud each so we knew we were going to have a good time. we got out of school and went home, gathered our shit and left for the cliff. when we got there we set up camp about 1/2 mile away from the actual cliff. then when everything was set i ate my dinner(the shrooms) and we went to gather some fire wood cause it was getting dark. we ended up just sitting at the cliff cause all the wood was wet.thats when it all began. i looked uup at the sky and it just started waving like a motherfucker,so i started cracking up(being my first time and all). than it got real dark and i had forgotten my flashlight so we had to hurry up and get back to camp. it is hard as shit walking through dark woods while your tripping and trees are dancin and shit.we got in my friends 2-man tent and started baking the first joint of the night(remember,it was kb). then all of a sudden we heard someone shout my name so we got out of the tent and yelled back. turns out it was some friends from school that knew i was up there(wayne,chad and dixon).so we met with them and went down to the cliff.turns out they were on shrooms to but they had already peaked and i was still majorly fucked up. we tried to start the fire again cause it was cold but it was another failed attempt.we decided to smoke another j with them before they left and then they were on their way. we went up to the tent again and smoked about 2bowls and another joint. then all of a sudden i peaked (i didnt know what the hell was going on cause it was my first). all i could see were my friends faces and everything else was all cartoony.it was undescribable and i started freaking cause i thought it wouldnt end, i forgot what reality was. i could hear them talking but i couldnt understand what they were saying.this lasted for around five minutes and i started asking them what the hell was happening and another wave hit me.it seemed like another 5 minutes or so and i twitched like i had just wakin up. they told me i had been out for 45 minutes with my eyes open wider than normal like i was terrified(which i was).they thought i was bad tripping so they were talking like i had been acting normal the whole time to try and get me calmed down. later they told me the truth about me freakin out and that i wasnt acting normal at all. i got out of the tent and sat in my little chair and stared at the ground thinking for what they told me was about an hour(i thought maybe ten minutes).my friend tried to cook some food and his little stove sprung a leak and caught fire.that also freaked me out and they thought that i was going to bad trip again.then i started to come down and we smoked another bowl to chill me out.i put on some phish to help cheer me up(it did) and just sat around and TRIED to enjoy the trip. after i cheered up it began lightning so we got in our tents just in time before it started raining.i couldnt sleep cause i was still feelin it pretty hard so i sat up and twurled a little koosh ball in my hands.my friend watched me and said i did that for about 30 minutes and then finally went to sleep.the next morning i tried to explain what happen but i couldnt describe it with words. i felt it(whether the shrooms or the kind) for most of the next day surprisingly.now i know and knowing is half the battle(gi joe)

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