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My first trip. Wow

I had been wanting to try shrooms for a long while, now, and finally some of my friends had gone to a concert and bought some.

I had been wanting to try shrooms for a long while, now, and finally some of my friends had gone to a concert and bought some. My friend knew i wanted to try them bad so he only got 1/8th for him and me.

I was excited to try them and 3 of my other friends wanted to watch (they hadn't ever tripped before).

We got to my friend C's house around 12:45 and talked for a little bit about how we were antsy to get going - so we made peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and put our share on ours. We at them by 1.

Everyone else wanted to smoke some pot just so we wouldnt have to wait around. So we all smoked and me and my friend C were extremely stoned off hardly anything so we oculdnt tell at first what we were feeling. Everyone else was really stoned too so we didnt think much of it.

We decided we would drive to a nearby park as we had planned. We got outside (about 20-30 mins later) and i was looking at the assphault when the texture of it suddenly swirled into a vase with flowers in it. I couldnt beleive my eyes and the feeling was quite intense so i didnt look back to see if it owuld happen again.

We started driving and i knew i was tripping because it was a feelign i had never felt before and it was kind of scary at first. I decided i should go with the flow because i was in it for good at this point. I had read a lot about shrooms and reports and do's and dont's so i knew not to panic. We had stopped somewhere to get some batteries for the Cd player and i was looking out the car window at a nearby tree. I was sort of spacing out when i noticed the bark swirl like a thick liquid and the tree looked like a tall man with a button up shirt on (of course with the texture of bark) and i was amazed. I asked my friend C if he saw the tree, and he nodded and said it was awesome and said it was making cool pattenrs. I looked back at the tree and again it did the same thing. This made me extremely happy.

We arrived at the lake and we walked around through some trees and meadows over to a nice river. I felt so at peace with myself and with nature. I felt as if everything made perfect sense, and me and my friend C didnt even have to speak to eachother - we looked at one another and knew how good we were both feeling. Our other friends weren't annoying or anyting saying like "what do u see" they pretended like we werent on it, so that made us feel good too.

We walked around some more and then drove to another hiking spot. We parked and got out to explore. Me and C and another friend of mine were talking about why doing somehting like this woul dbe against the law, because we felt so great. We asked why they would stop anyone from feeling so one with nature and at peace.

The feeling i got from shrooms was amazing. Ill try to describe it like this - I woul dbe seeing cool stuff liek the trees leaves swirling and making patterns and id look away feeling normal like - oh it must be wearing off, then id look back and see it all still and realize it wasnt wearing off at all. The feeling feels so familiar and so right.

We got back to the car after a breathtaking walk and perfect setting. (happiest ive ever been in my life). We got back only to find the car window had been smashed and someone stole my friends bag with my money, her liscense, house keys, etc. This made everyone kind of upset, and my friend C stayed on top of things and perfectly happy, while i started to freak out, because my one friend( who got stolen from) started to get upset. I could feel it creeping up on me and i just went straight to hell. I almost blacked out and i walked away form everyone to catch my breathe and to relax. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to vomit. I t was the worst feeling ever and i wanted the trip to end. I felt as though i twould never end and id be stuck in this altered reality. I tryied to relax myself and i slowly became more ok. I saw a dragonfly buzzing near me and it was amazing. it instantly lifted my mood.

I went back to the car to just get thigns under control. I sat in the back seat away from the glass and just looked at the ceiling. The texture made awesome designs and swivelled around like an ant farm would look. The cops came and my friend (who was tripping) talked to them the whole time having ablast. Everything was under control and a report was filed. everyone calmed down, and we went back home to finish off the trip. For the rest of the day i felt extremely great, and i still do.

I am looking forward to my next trip, but its so hard to get shrooms here in N.J. I live in Union county if anyone wants to contact me, please email


Any help on where i should look or anyone I could maybe contact would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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