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my first trip off cyanescens

so my first mushie trip was absolutely amazing.

so my first mushie trip was absolutely amazing.
it was cyan season and my friend had picked some ounces. he dried em, baged them up and had a gram dried left over i asked him if i could have it and he gave it to me, i was so excited because i knew that night i would fry for my first time

here we go
i went to eagans with a few friends to grab a bite and check on a patch. we got back to my friends house and i ate and had some fries leftover so i figured, its time. i was the only one planning to trip and i ate the gram with the fries and they went down like nothing,at about 8 o clock. i watched tv while taking bong hits fro a while and i looked at the clock and it was 9:15 and i thought, fuck these are duds, so i was frustrated and decided to go home. i got home and got in my bed and turned the tv on and BAMMM! the shrooms hit, i knew it because the tv words were started to squiigle and stuff. i thought i gotta get back to my homies house and when i got back to his house around 9:30 i was def feeling it. i went up stairs and smoked a blunt with some peeps just enjoying the heel out of what i was feeling and decided to go to my frineds sister's room since her room is like a "trip" room. i started taking more bong hits and i remember i looked at a pic of a pumpkin ahead and it looked hilarious to me for some reason and thats when the uncontrolable laughter started. i was rolling forever and eventually calmed down. i sat on a couch and was just strait up FRYING BALLS. i could like feel other peoples energy and just started realizing all these subtleties i never noticed, like the fake in people, oit was wierd. i sat there for a good hours as the bong kept getting passed and passed to me over and over. i remember taking a hit and i could smoke the whole bowl if i wanted, the smoke was like air and i couldnt even feel it. then i went downstairs to get some water and kept hearing all kinds of thumps and weird noises as every nose was amplified, i even heard voices talking to me and shit. then i went outside and it blew my mind, i looked at every piece of grass, leave, dirt clump and was absolutely fascinated with it. then i went inside, by now its about two and the shrooms were starting to wear off, not quite yet tho. i sat dowon and looked at the time and the time was morphed, i was like wtf!? i asked my other friend like at least 15 times wat time it was and he said the same thing over and over again, 2?. then i went upstairs and tried to go to sleep and started thinging about the craziest shit forever and eventually feel asleep
it was great, and i did not know i would fry that hard off a gram of cyans but i really did, those shits are potent then fuck, but yea love shrooms now, im so glad i discovered them for i will do them till i die...THEY ARE THE SHIT!!! thats my story hpe u enjoyed it

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