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Basement Trip 1

It was the end of Christmas vacation and me and my friend eric wanted to expierance shrooms soo badly.

It was the end of Christmas vacation and me and my friend eric wanted to expierance shrooms soo badly. I had already gotten the shrooms about a week before, hoping that i would get a chance to use them. Here is how my "trip" goes.....

My parents were home and I was having my friends Eric and Mike sleep over. We each took an 8th of good mushrooms at about 10:30pm. We then sat down to watch a movie to pass the time before it hit. About 40 minutes after ingestion we all started feeling pretty light headed, so we all stood up and began to walk around my (huge) basement. The first thing we noticed was that my blue rug looked blindingly bright and swayed back and forth like the ocean. We all lied on the ground and began to "swim" through the carpet. As I looked at my friends I noticed that they began "sinking" and I had a brief fear that they might sink and drown. When I got past that I crawled under the ping-pong table and found a tremendous facination with the shinny bottom surface. I stayed there and forgot about my friends for about 45 minutes. I was forced to move when I got a bad urge that I had to take a piss, so I ran up the stairs towards the bathroom. The walls in my kitchen were swaying gently back and forth. I went into the bathroom and closed the door. The room began to get smaller and smaller. I unzipped my pants and took hold of my dick, but I couldent piss. I tried and tried with no luck. I was holding my dick for about 10 minutes (literally!) and even forgot a few times that it was in my hand and that I had to pee really bad! Finally I got it out and went down stairs. My friends we all lying on the floor in there own worlds. I looked in the mirror and my face seemed to be melting! I was thinking to myself, "holy shit, Im really fucked up!". When we started coming down a little bit, after about 3 hours, we sat and watched TV. We all noticed that we got really into the shows we would watch, and became attached and even close to the actors. After about 30 minutes we were down and reminissing about our first mushroom trip!

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